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Beyond Paranormal (2021)

Box Girl Lily an influencer wannabe will risk anything for fans including her boyfriend's sanity. Promoting her next project she receives a mysterious stat...

Views: 42 • Reviews: 0

Invisible Alien (2021)

Earth's space base captured a mysterious set of signals that scientists believed came from another civilization in the universe, called Messenger. In order to e...

Views: 133 • Reviews: 0

Beachworld (2019)

Federation Officer Shapiro crash-lands on a desert planet with no sign of water, life, or a way off. Her crew-mate Rand is no help, resigned to his fate on the ...

Views: 59 • Reviews: 0

Untitled Earth Sim 64 (2021)

A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.

Views: 32 • Reviews: 0

Intelligentia (2020)

Lisa receives a butler A.I. to Turing test, and over the course of the procedure, she discovers the A.I. is not what it seems and her entire world disrupted.

Views: 22 • Reviews: 1

Yôsei Gorasu (1962)

In 1980, a giant planetoid named Gorath is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth. Even though it is smaller than Earth, its mass is huge enough to c...

Views: 12 • Reviews: 0

Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (1978)

Running low on fuel, the Battlestar Galactica receives the help of the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus which is taking the offensive with the Cylons.

Views: 65 • Reviews: 0

The Sticky Fingers of Time (2000)


A writer, Tucker Harding, is hired to cover an article on the hydrogen-bomb test, Nevada, 1952. While there, radiation mutates her code/soul, spawning in her th...

Views: 40 • Reviews: 0

Tethered (2021)

TETHERED is a sci-fi mystery set in the present day. Detective Sam Morris starts on a missing-persons case that puts her own personal world into upheaval.

Views: 133 • Reviews: 0

The Awakened (2012)

An alien space craft crashes in the deep woods in 1809 and lies undisturbed for two hundred years until a woman takes her surgeon boyfriend to visit her aunt an...

Views: 92 • Reviews: 0

Dune (2021)

Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, about the son of a noble family entrusted with the protection of the most valuable asset and m...

Views: 5,016 • Reviews: 8

Final Frequency (2021)

A PhD student ties unusual tremors in Los Angeles to rogue scientists, who will weaponize Nikola Tesla's secrets and cause massive earthquakes, if they can...

Views: 484 • Reviews: 0

Glasshouse (2021)

Confined to their glasshouse, a family survives The Shred, a toxin that erases memory. Until the sisters are seduced by a Stranger who shatters their peace and ...

Views: 409 • Reviews: 0

Ultrasound (2021)


After his car breaks down, Glen spends one hell of an odd night with a married couple, setting into motion a chain of events that alter their lives plus those o...

Views: 169 • Reviews: 1

Mutation on Mars (2021)

No plot available for Mutation on Mars

Views: 383 • Reviews: 0

Preview to Atlantis (2004)


No plot available for Preview to Atlantis

Views: 30 • Reviews: 0

Astraea (2015)

Astraea, a telepathic teenage girl, follows her visions through a post-apocalyptic America and into a snowy wilderness. She hopes to find her family and re-buil...

Views: 33 • Reviews: 0

Time Warp (1980)

After a long space journey, an astronaut returns home to his family--only to discover that he has somehow gone through a "time warp" and is now one ye...

Views: 85 • Reviews: 0

A Week with Rebecca (2012)

A robotics company executive pushes for the development of an android companionship model and unexpectedly spends a week with her.

Views: 24 • Reviews: 0

Plurality (2012)

After New York City introduces a cutting-edge identity-scanning technology in 2023, citizens can not only unlock doors and make purchases at the touch of a fing...

Views: 32 • Reviews: 1



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