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Movies starting with 'B'


B (2015)

Crime  Drama 

July 15, 2013 Luis Barcenas - Old party treasurer was transferred from prison to National Court to testify. Previously, he had denied everything. Today he will ...

Views: 1,283 • Reviews: 0

B & B (1992)

An out-of-work architect turns his house into a bed and breakfast hotel.

Views: 29 • Reviews: 0

B jing taam (2011)

Bumbling private detective Chan Tam (Aaron Kwok) is enlisted by police pal Fung Chak (Liu Kai Chi) to help in the investigation of a serial murder case. The vic...

Views: 1,234 • Reviews: 0

Bôryoku gai (1974)

A retired yakuza is caught in the middle of a growing conflict between two rival clans.

Views: 365 • Reviews: 0

Bürgschaft für ein Jahr (1981)


Nina Kern is a divorced woman in her late twenties who will soon be fully deprived of her custody rights for her three children, who already reside in a home fo...

Views: 2,703 • Reviews: 0

B&B (2017)

Gay Londoners Marc and Fred plan for a weekend of mischief, baiting the Christian owner of a remote Christian B&B. Events take a deadly turn when another guest ...

Views: 787 • Reviews: 1

B*A*P*S (1997)


Nisi and Mickey are girlfriends who work as waitresses. To get the necessary money for opening their dream restaurant they fly to California to audition for a ...

Views: 24,802 • Reviews: 3

B-17 Flying Legend (2003)


Here is the story of WWII's most famous airplane, the B-17s. Packed with 211 minutes of content, including the original 1944 Memphis Belle

Views: 36 • Reviews: 0

B-Documentary (2015)

B-Documentary is about independent filmmakers starting their careers, film vs. digital, how to make it in the business without giving in to Hollywood standards,...

Views: 1,139 • Reviews: 0

B-Girl (2009)


B-Girl follows the journey of a female breakdancer finding her spirit in the world of underground hip-hop. B-Girl stars the world's most elite b-girls and b-boy...

Views: 20,327 • Reviews: 0

B-Girl Rhapsody (1952)


A filmization of a typical burlesque shown offered from the stage of a Los Angeles theatre. The genre tag of "drama" does not apply as the only drama is whether...

Views: 1,641 • Reviews: 0

B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989 (2015)

Music, art and chaos in the wild West-Berlin of the 1980s. The walled-in city became the creative melting pot for sub- and pop-culture. Before the iron curtain ...

Views: 1,719 • Reviews: 0

B-Side (2013)

When an underground radio DJ makes fun of a fading pop star who happens to listen to his show, the two begin an unlikely relationship. But difficult life and ca...

Views: 1,571 • Reviews: 0

B. Monkey (1998)

A young woman attempts to end her criminal career. But she needs love to make it.

Views: 5,436 • Reviews: 0

B. Tech (2018)

A bunch of engineering students in Bengaluru struggle to get through the course due to their lackadaisical attitudes and frequent skirmishes within the college....

Views: 113 • Reviews: 0

B.A. Pass (2012)

Crime  Drama 

After losing his parents in a car accident, Mukesh stays at his Aunt's house in Delhi. Enrolled in a good for nothing course in college he finds peace by playin...

Views: 432 • Reviews: 0

B.A. Pass 2 (2017)


B. A. Pass 2 is the story of a young girl, who, in order to achieve her goals and to avoid marriage, makes a few wrong decisions and adopts ill habits that even...

Views: 522 • Reviews: 0

B.B. King: Live (2011)

The man needs no introduction. Truly the reigning king of blues, over the last 60 years B.B. King has developed one of the world's most identifiable guitar ...

Views: 48 • Reviews: 0

B.E. (2019)

A man matches with two women who share a profile on a dating app.

Views: 72 • Reviews: 0

B.E.D. (2012)


The stories of three characters whose joy, passion and despair overflow in one bed are tangled like a puzzle. Tantalizing but heartbreaking, stimulating but sad...

Views: 406 • Reviews: 0



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