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Movies starting with 'J'


Jägerschlacht (1982)

No plot available for Jägerschlacht

Views: 1,981 • Reviews: 0

Jóvenes amiguitas buscan placer (1982)


No plot available for Jóvenes amiguitas buscan placer

Views: 7,603 • Reviews: 0

J'ai le Cafard (Bint Werdan) (2020)

A woman with depression struggles to connect with her chirpy and driven office colleagues but an encounter with a dying cockroach in the office toilet develops ...

Views: 57 • Reviews: 0

J'veux du soleil! (2019)

Documentary devoted to Yellow Vests.

Views: 256 • Reviews: 0

J'accuse (1919)

Drama  Horror  War 

The story of two men, one married, the other the lover of the other's wife, who meet in the trenches of the First World War, and how their tale becomes a microc...

Views: 278 • Reviews: 0

J'accuse! (1939)

After serving in the trenches of World War I, Jean Diaz recoils with such horror that he renounces love and personal pleasure to immerse himself in scientific ...

Views: 3,254 • Reviews: 6

J'ai epouse une ombre (1983)


After a train accident, a woman survives and is mistaken for an other woman she just met on a train before the accident.

Views: 2,487 • Reviews: 0

J'attendrai le suivant (2002)

Man falls in love while in a subway station.

Views: 1,348 • Reviews: 0

J'embrasse pas (1991)


A young man leaves his native town in southern France to discover Paris. Being too unexperienced and too naive, he drops into the reality of Paris 1991. He soon...

Views: 1,508 • Reviews: 0

J-Men Forever (1979)


Using clips from old Republic Pictures serials, this spoof tells how an evil villain called The Lightning Bug attempts to take over the world by having rock mus...

Views: 281 • Reviews: 1

J-ok'el (2007)

An unworldly and closed-minded American travels to a small village in exotic Chiapas, Mexico; at the behest of his estranged mother when his half-sister disappe...

Views: 1,304 • Reviews: 1

J. Cole Forest Hills Drive Homecoming (2016)


Will tell Cole's life story through the rapper's own words and through interviews with his friends and family.

Views: 1,491 • Reviews: 0

J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only (2017)

An hourlong special that combines documentary footage of Jermaine Cole's travels to various cities through the Midwest and the South that have personal or p...

Views: 143 • Reviews: 0

J. Daughter presents Scary Stories (2022)


Amanda is moving into a new home far away from her previous city life. She is updating her family on the move and how she feels about it when she starts seeing ...

Views: 67 • Reviews: 0

J. Edgar (2011)

J. Edgar Hoover was a man filled with fantastic ideas. He was the director of the FBI for nearly 50 years. He instilled fear in the heart of criminals and inspi...

Views: 9,632 • Reviews: 3

J. Kessels (2015)

Writer Frans and his favorite character J.Kessels go to the Hamburg Reeperbahn to return a philandering crook to his wife and to finally fulfill Frans' pre-mast...

Views: 704 • Reviews: 0

J.C. (1972)

Jesus Christ is born again on Earth. But his father is a hardcore Southern Baptist, and during his teen years, Jesus rebels, joining a biker gang and leading an...

Views: 226 • Reviews: 0

J.D.'s Revenge (1976)

A docile black law student is possessed by a 1940's mobster in mid-70's New Orleans. The mobster seeks revenge upon the people who killed him and his sister.

Views: 667 • Reviews: 1

J.E.S.U.S.A. (2020)

J.E.S.U.S.A. is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between Christianity and American nationalism and the violence that often emerges from it. Far from ...

Views: 192 • Reviews: 0

J.O.E. and the Colonel (1985)

Scientists create "the perfect soldier" in a lab experiment by recombining his molecules. He is then sent out on dangerous but vital missions.

Views: 130 • Reviews: 0



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