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Movies starting with 'H'


H (1990)


Two junkies lock themselves in an underground apartment in a desperate attempt to wean themselves off heroin.

Views: 431 • Reviews: 0

H (2002)

Serial killer Shin-Hyun gives himself up to police and confesses to committing a series of particularly horrifying murders of exclusively female victims. He is ...

Views: 97 • Reviews: 0

H Is for Happiness (2019)


A twelve year old girl with boundless optimism and a unique view of the world, is inspired by the strange new boy at school and sets out to mend her broken fami...

Views: 175 • Reviews: 0

H is for Harry (2020)

A coming of age story about Harry, a charismatic 11-year old boy, who arrives at secondary school in suburban London unable to read or write. With the help of S...

Views: 60 • Reviews: 1

H Positive (2015)

If you had a prolonged terminal illness and money was no object, would you manipulate euthanasia so that you could die on your own terms? This story examines ho...

Views: 382 • Reviews: 0

Hôtel des Ameriques (1981)

Hélène, a distracted pill-popping anesthetist, almost runs down Gilles one evening on a Biarritz street. She is still numb from the drowning death earlier that ...

Views: 4,301 • Reviews: 0

Höjdhoppar'n (1981)

35-year old Erik Engman, aka Pinnen, is the local fool. He picks up garbage and eats at the old people's home. One day he is asked to try the high-jump at the s...

Views: 1,786 • Reviews: 0

Höstsonaten (1978)

Drama  Music 

After having neglected her children for many years, world famous pianist Charlotte visits her daughter Eva in her home. To her surprise she finds her other daug...

Views: 3,402 • Reviews: 0

H-E Double Hockey Sticks (1999)

Griffelkin, a young devil-in-training is sent to the surface of Earth to steal the soul of Dave, a hot shot pro-hockey player aspiring to be the youngest man to...

Views: 943 • Reviews: 1

H-e-n-r-y (2006)

Short  Drama 

Hank meets Henry on the prison basketball court. It's Hank's first day in, Henry's last. Henry challenges Hank to a game of H-E-N-R-Y, a version of the playgrou...

Views: 1,176 • Reviews: 0

H. (2014)

Two women descend into madness after an alleged meteor strike sets off a series of strange events in their town of Troy, N.Y.

Views: 1,190 • Reviews: 0

H. H. Holmes: Original Evil (2018)

Humanity has achieved great heights. We have landed on the moon, placed a powerful computer in our pockets, cured numerous diseases and brought the world the mo...

Views: 1,124 • Reviews: 7

H. P. Lovecraft's the Old Ones (2024)


In 1930, sea captain Russel Marsh saw the light, and for 93 years his body was not his own. Inhabited by a Great Old One, he committed unspeakable acts in the n...

Views: 285 • Reviews: 3

H.A.V.E.N. (2013)

H.A.V.E.N is a short film about a man who works on the planet Helmar and is a Radiation beacon repair man. He's just doing his normal job when He finds a beacon...

Views: 871 • Reviews: 0

H.G. Wells and the War of the Worlds (2005)

An insight into the life and work of H.G. Wells. Experience "The War of the Worlds" and explore the impact this exceptional piece of writing has made ...

Views: 58 • Reviews: 0

H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer (2004)

Depicts the entire life of Herman Mudgett, AKA Holmes, and his castle of horrors. Also known as the torture doctor, Holmes designed his own building, complete ...

Views: 8,098 • Reviews: 3

H.H.L. (2016)

In a not so far dystopian, disillusioned future, two brothers Miro and Lucio with their friend May are dealing a new and highly addictive drug called "NUKE...

Views: 242 • Reviews: 0

H.K. Triad (1999)

No plot available for H.K. Triad

Views: 214 • Reviews: 0

H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941)

A man who lived his life as he was was told he should, not as he would have chosen to, is brought out of his shell by a beautiful young woman.

Views: 128 • Reviews: 3

H.O.T.S. (1979)


College exploitation film focusing on the wild escapades of the women of H.O.T.S. Sorority. The antics include but are certainly not limited to a wet t-shirt c...

Views: 25,707 • Reviews: 2



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