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Movies starting with 'A'


A 2nd Chance (2011)

A young girl and her coach overcome adversity to make their way into the National Australian Gymnastics Squad.

Views: 3,347 • Reviews: 0

A Árvore dos Sexos (1977)


A Árvore dos Sexos

Views: 1,331 • Reviews: 0

A Baby at Any Cost (2022)

When a couple hires their surrogate to nanny, their bond grows tight, making the sister-in-law increasingly jealous. Soon a web of distrust, lies and mystery en...

Views: 208 • Reviews: 0

A Baby for Christmas (2012)


It's Christmas with the Chandlers but no one seems to have the Christmas spirit - except for Stephanie, that is. Marci and Blair are obsessing over being the pe...

Views: 1,924 • Reviews: 1

A Baby Reindeer's First Christmas (2020)

A community of herders in the Scottish Highlands prepare young reindeer for their first Christmas, including an orphaned reindeer calf battling against the odds...

Views: 144 • Reviews: 0

A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting (2020)

A babysitter embarks on a mission to save a child who's been abducted by monsters.

Views: 1,119 • Reviews: 3

A Bad Idea Gone Wrong (2017)


Two would-be thieves forge a surprising relationship with with an unexpected housesitter when they accidentally trap themselves in a house they just broke into.

Views: 787 • Reviews: 1

A Bad Influence (2023)


Introvert Anthony attends his best friend's housewarming party, which goes fine until brash, loud-mouthed Steve arrives. Things go from bad to worse as Ant...

Views: 20 • Reviews: 0

A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

A Bad Moms Christmas follows our three under-appreciated and over-burdened women as they rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for mom...

Views: 23,402 • Reviews: 13

A Bad Son (1980)


Bruno is released from prison. He looks for a job and tries to start a new life. His first stop is at his father's apartment.

Views: 4,831 • Reviews: 0

A Bag of Hammers (2011)

Two misfit best friends incapable of growing up, whose direction is tested by an abandoned child worn beyond his years. Together they invent the family they've ...

Views: 231 • Reviews: 0

A Bag of Marbles (2017)


The adventure of a Jewish kid and of his brother escaping the Nazi persecution in the occupied France.

Views: 732 • Reviews: 4

A Ballerina's Tale (2015)

A feature documentary on African American ballerina Misty Copeland that examines her prodigious rise, her potentially career ending injury alongside themes of r...

Views: 2,664 • Reviews: 0

A Band Called Death (2012)

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death. Punk before punk existed, three teenage brothers in the early '70s formed...

Views: 3,751 • Reviews: 5

A bankett (1982)

No plot available for A bankett

Views: 2,658 • Reviews: 1

A Banquet (2022)


Widowed mother Holly is radically tested when her teenage daughter Betsey experiences a profound enlightenment and insists that her body is no longer her own, b...

Views: 802 • Reviews: 3

A Bar Room Scene (1894)


"Showing the wind-up of a political discussion. Dramatis personae: A Democrat, a Republican, a Bar Maid, and a Policeman."

Views: 125 • Reviews: 0

A Barefoot Dream (2010)


Akira and his friends travel to Higanjima , an island of vampires -- from which no one has returned -- to search for his missing...

Views: 5,511 • Reviews: 1

A Bargain with Satan (1913)

A poor student rescues a beautiful countess and soon becomes obsessed with her. A sorcerer makes a deal with the young man to give him fabulous wealth and anyth...

Views: 1,199 • Reviews: 0

A Bear for Punishment (1951)

It's Father's Day, and Junyer and Ma have a bunch of big surprises in store for good ol' Pa, including a pipe filled with gunpowder. To top it of...

Views: 112 • Reviews: 1



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