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Movies starting with 'N'


N (Io e Napoleone) (2006)

Elba island, 1814. Martino is a young teacher, idealist and strongly anti Napoleon, in love with the beautiful and noble Baroness Emily. The young man finds him...

Views: 9,053 • Reviews: 1

Nárcisz es Psyche (1980)


Mail author for translation. Psyche, Lonyay Erzsebet koltono nem volt valosagos szemely. A Felvilagosodas koraba helyezett alakja Weores Sandor irodalmi lelemen...

Views: 2,364 • Reviews: 0

Nächtliches Gespräch mit einem verachteten Menschen (1981)


No plot available for Nächtliches Gespräch mit einem verachteten Menschen

Views: 1,771 • Reviews: 0

Næste stop paradis (1980)

No plot available for Næste stop paradis

Views: 2,214 • Reviews: 0

N'oublie pas que tu vas mourir (1996)


Benoit has planned out his life. Unfortunately he has forgotten the military duty. After he is called to duty he tries everything to get around. The story gets ...

Views: 287 • Reviews: 0

N-Fidelity (2023)


After the loss of their unborn child, a couple struggles to keep their relationship intact -- but when secrets are revealed, they realize more than their marria...

Views: 18 • Reviews: 0

N-Secure (2010)


N-Secure is a no holds-barred thrilling drama mixed with murder, mayhem and manipulation among affluent professionals. This film sheds light on a man's downfall...

Views: 13,457 • Reviews: 1

N.A.S.A.: A Volta (2010)

Another day, another drug deal gone wrong in this NC-17 bit of ultra-violence set in an 8-bit isometric metropolis.

Views: 105 • Reviews: 0

N.H 10 (2015)

A woman, stacked against all odds, manages to not just stick it out but indeed give it back.

Views: 1,659 • Reviews: 3

N.O.I.R. (2015)

Kadhafi, Algerian rapper 26 years, ex-member of a street gang and the father of a young boy out of prison and wants to settle down. Will it happen? Fleur, young...

Views: 319 • Reviews: 0

N.O.L.A Circus (2015)


In this over the top comedy a rivalry between two competing barbershops in New Orleans escalates dramatically, sending the lives of the owners, their families, ...

Views: 541 • Reviews: 0

N.W.A.: Efil4zaggin - The Only Home Video (1992)

No plot available for N.W.A.: Efil4zaggin - The Only Home Video

Views: 253 • Reviews: 0

N.Y., N.Y. (1957)

A day in the life of the city and citizens of New York as seen through the fantastic eye, and the incredibly distorted optic lenses, of filmmaker Francis Thomps...

Views: 210 • Reviews: 0

N.Y.C. Underground (2013)

While wealthy Manhattanite brothers Dylan, Logan and their friends make the trek across town for a Brooklyn concert, they run into Simon, a notorious gangster. ...

Views: 3,012 • Reviews: 1

N: The Madness of Reason (2014)

A French encyclopaedist tries to complete his life's work from beyond death. N is a story of an unusual obsession. Hovering between dream and reality, this ...

Views: 106 • Reviews: 0

Na chuzhom prazdnike (1981)


A nine-former Nadias mother gets married, leaving her daughter alone. Her mothers act arouses in her soul a poignant offence... See full synopsis &raq...

Views: 1,370 • Reviews: 0

Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke (2010)


Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke narrates the tale of village simpleton Devaki Nandan Tripathi who goes to big bad Mumbai to try his luck. A newly married Devaki and his w...

Views: 10,895 • Reviews: 0

Na igre (2009)

After a stunning victory at a cyber sport tournament, the winning gamers are awarded CDs with a brand new game. After playing this game, each of them is affecte...

Views: 331 • Reviews: 0

Na igre 2. Novyy uroven (2010)

After the operation which killed one of their team members, the gamers try to pick up their lives again.They realize that they worked for a criminal syndicate, ...

Views: 4,248 • Reviews: 1

Na komete (1970)

When a comet passes the earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa with it. Carried along is a bunch of people. Among them Angelika, who just esc...

Views: 65 • Reviews: 0



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