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Of Mice and Men (1992)


The classic John Steinbeck tale of two friends - George and Lennie - who wander the country during the Depression. Lennie is mentally retarded and doesn't know...

Views: 100,652 • Reviews: 9

Wild Things 3 (1992)


No plot available for Wild Things 3

Views: 78,379 • Reviews: 1

Basic Instinct (1992)

A former rock star, Johnny Boz, is brutally killed during sex, and the case is assigned to detective Nick Curran of the SFPD. During the investigation, Nick me...

Views: 70,139 • Reviews: 32

Aladdin (1992)

Disney brings a whole new world vividly to life once again in this musical story from the Arabian Nights. Aladdin, an eager genie (with the voice of Robin Willi...

Views: 64,788 • Reviews: 17

K2 (1992)

Two friends, the brash Taylor (Michael Biehn, THE TERMINATOR) and the cautious Harold (Matt Craven A FEW GOOD MEN), join a millionaire's mountain-climbing exp...

Views: 61,174 • Reviews: 1

Bitter Moon (1992)

British couple Fiona and Nigel Dobson are sailing to Istanbul en route to India. They encounter a beautiful French woman, and that night Nigel meets her while ...

Views: 61,112 • Reviews: 1

Malcolm X (1992)

Writer-director Spike Lee's epic portrayal of the life and times of the slain civil rights leader Malcolm X begins with the cross-cut imagery of the police be...

Views: 55,636 • Reviews: 10

Sarafina! (1992)

No plot available for Sarafina!

Views: 51,897 • Reviews: 6

Sister Act (1992)

Sister Act is about a Reno lounge singer named Deloris Van Carter who witnesses her mobster boyfriend killing an employer. She is then hidden in a convent under...

Views: 43,051 • Reviews: 7

Animal Instincts (1992)

Joanne and David Cole appear the perfect couple, except for David's inability to satisfy his sexual appetite. His wife tries everything to arouse him - includ...

Views: 39,761 • Reviews: 1

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Gordon Bombay, a hotshot lawyer, is haunted by memories of his childhood, when, as the star player in his champion hockey team, he lost the winning goal in a sh...

Views: 37,035 • Reviews: 4

The Good the Bad and the D-Cup (1992)


No plot available for The Good the Bad and the D-Cup

Views: 36,505 • Reviews: 0

Single White Female (1992)

Alison "Allie" Jones is a software designer in New York City. While her professional star is on the rise -- she has created a computer software package that wi...

Views: 31,201 • Reviews: 13

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Two carefree pals traveling through Alabama are mistakenly arrested and charged with murder. Fortunately, one of them has a cousin who's a lawyer. When Vinny ar...

Views: 30,875 • Reviews: 7

JFK (1992)

A mixture of fact and speculation surrounding the death of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on 22nd November, 1963. New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, ...

Views: 30,091 • Reviews: 20

The Flintbones (1992)

After Red Flintbone is hit on the head by a stone newspaper, his libido runs wild. This comes as a pleasant surprise to his wife Willing, not to mention his bes...

Views: 29,550 • Reviews: 1

American Me (1992)

An hispanic crime lord creates a position of power for himself and his comrades in prison that extends to the streets of east Los Angeles. At first, he is ela...

Views: 28,916 • Reviews: 10

Unforgiven (1992)

An old gunslinger (Clint Eastwood), his ex-partner (Morgan Freeman) and a quick-draw kid go bounty hunting in a town called Big Whiskey. ...

Views: 28,708 • Reviews: 22

L’Amant (1992)

It is French Colonial Vietnam in 1929. A young French girl from a family that is having some monetary difficulties is returning to boarding school. She is alone...

Views: 27,932 • Reviews: 0

Beethoven (1992)

A St. Bernard puppy 'adopts' a new home after escaping from dog thieves. The Newton family just haven't realised the trouble that 185 pounds of dog can get into...

Views: 27,894 • Reviews: 3



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