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The Little Mermaid (1989)

Awash with breathtaking animation, unforgettably colourful characters, and two Academy Awards for score and song, "Under The Sea," The Little Mermaid is one of ...

Views: 87,932 • Reviews: 10

Christmas Vacation (1989)


The Griswolds (Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo) spend the holiday in a garish way, especially when a country cousin (Randy Quaid) pulls up in an...

Views: 72,008 • Reviews: 9

Back to the Future Part II (1989)

With Marty McFly's parents back together and back in his own time of 1985. He thought that his ordeal of time traveling was over. What he does not know is that...

Views: 53,489 • Reviews: 12

Lost Angel (1989)


No plot available for Lost Angel

Views: 40,435 • Reviews: 0

Mississippi Burning (1989)

In 1964, three civil rights workers from the North disappear in a small Mississippi town and the FBI are sent to investigate. Agent in charge Alan Ward does ev...

Views: 38,680 • Reviews: 13

Major League (1989)

The Cleveland Indians have gone 34 years without a division title. Team owner Donald Phelps has died, and his snobby wife Rachel Phelps, a former showgirl, has...

Views: 34,951 • Reviews: 3

Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! (1989)

In the sixties, Eddie and the cruisers was the hottest band around. But the tragic death of its lead singer broke the band up. Only Eddie is not dead. He works...

Views: 34,773 • Reviews: 3

Pet Sematary (1989)

The Creeds have just moved to a new house in the countryside. Their house is perfect, except for two things: the semi-trailers that roar past on the narrow road...

Views: 31,673 • Reviews: 17

Look Who's Talking (1989)

Mollie is a single mum who's on the lookout for a reliable and normal boyfriend. Her son Mikey, (unbeknownst to her) seems to have a better idea of which of th...

Views: 31,430 • Reviews: 6

The Rainbow (1989)

Defying the moral constraints of Victorian England and her parents, a young woman engages in unbridled promiscuity with two partners before setting out to cap...

Views: 31,191 • Reviews: 0

Dead Poets Society (1989)


A teacher at a New England prep school uses unconventional methods to instill spirit into the lives of his students.

Views: 30,558 • Reviews: 8

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)


Steven Soderbergh explodes onto the scene with this provocative, intelligent drama about infidelity and voyeurism. Ann Milaney (Andie MacDowell) lives in a co...

Views: 26,794 • Reviews: 4

Harlem Nights (1989)

Sugar Ray (Richard Pryor) became Quick's (Eddie Murphy) adopted father when an adolescent Quick saved his life. Twenty-five years later, in 1938, Ray runs the...

Views: 24,079 • Reviews: 4

Road House (1989)

Dalton is an expert "cooler" -- a barroom bouncer who can break up fights without getting himself killed in the process. Frank Tilghman, the owner of the Doubl...

Views: 23,200 • Reviews: 11

Dead Calm (1989)

A married couple sail the Pacific Ocean to forget a tragic accident. After a month at sea, they sight a mysterious yacht and are boarded by its lone surviving ...

Views: 21,985 • Reviews: 12

K-9 (1989)

The extravagant cop Michael Dooley needs some help to fight a drug dealer who has tried to kill him. A "friend" gives him a dog named Jerry Lee, who has been tr...

Views: 21,493 • Reviews: 0

Acts of Love (1989)


No plot available for Acts of Love

Views: 21,291 • Reviews: 0

A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story (1989)


Tracy Thurman was married to a man who abused her. But he continues to harass her after she gets a restraining order, and the police do little to help. When he ...

Views: 20,838 • Reviews: 4

Eeshwar (1989)

Eeshwar is a simple-minded and honest young man, devout and religious, he cares for everybody he comes in contact with. But alas nobody really likes him and t...

Views: 20,396 • Reviews: 0

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Veteran animator Hayao Miyazaki directs this buoyant children's adventure yarn about a young witch striking out on her own. At her mother's behest, 13-year-ol...

Views: 19,644 • Reviews: 1



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