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Movies starting with 'C'


C A U G H T (2018)


No plot available for C A U G H T

Views: 149 • Reviews: 0

C E Chi Dice No (2011)


Three school mates meet each other after 20 years period realizing that all of them are pursuing the same rival: the recommended. Here Max (Argentero Lucas) is ...

Views: 2,578 • Reviews: 0

C Kkompany (2008)

Akshay Kumar is a crime reporter, Mr. Joshi is a retired accountant trying to deal with his ungrateful son and Lambodar are friends. These three share their r...

Views: 4,746 • Reviews: 0

C Me Dance (2009)

The Devil torments a young ballerina (Christina DeMarco) who has just learned she is dying of a blood disorder.

Views: 4,050 • Reviews: 2

Càlamo (1976)

After Richard's sister seminary, from which he was in intimate relationships, left him and married a young man joins a commune of hippies and goes on a dangerou...

Views: 2,396 • Reviews: 1

C'est la vie! (2017)

A hectic wedding party held in an 17th century French palace comes together with the help of the behind-the-scenes staff.

Views: 410 • Reviews: 0

C'est pas moi c'est lui (1980)


No plot available for C'est pas moi c'est lui

Views: 2,962 • Reviews: 0

C'est Si Bon (2015)

Oh Geun-tae (JUNG Woo) is a country boy with a booming baritone who is discovered by aspiring singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hui (JIN Goo) and thrust into the bustl...

Views: 1,134 • Reviews: 0

C'mon C'mon (2022)


When his sister asks him to look after her son, a radio journalist embarks on a cross-country trip with his energetic nephew to show him life away from Los Ange...

Views: 461 • Reviews: 2

C'mon, Let's Live a Little (1967)

Standard boy-girl malt shoppe doings, with a free speech on campus sub-plot dropped in.

Views: 200 • Reviews: 1

C- Bar, II (2019)

The Barnett family is battling the death of Marcia Jean and Uncle NoName, Norm's sister comes to live at the C-Bar ranch, and John Doe puts a $5,000 bounty...

Views: 142 • Reviews: 0

C-Bar (2015)

After a young girl's family is brutally murdered, the Barnett Gang sets out to hunt down the evil men who committed the crime. They would never expect the ...

Views: 161 • Reviews: 1

C-Rock (2013)

Together, boys on C-Rock face jumps up to 110 feet into the Harlem River. It's a summertime rite of passage going back generations in the Bronx. But growin...

Views: 166 • Reviews: 0

C.A.M. (2021)

A rare parasite has contaminated a local meat processing plant and novice tactical police team are sent in, but all is not what it appears and what they discove...

Views: 153 • Reviews: 0

C.B. Hustlers (1976)


These Girls Keep The Shiny Side Up And The Dirty Side Down!

Views: 8,294 • Reviews: 0

C.C. and Company (1971)

Motorcycle mechanic C.C. Ryder joins "The Heads," an outlaw biker gang. Fellow gang members menace fashion journalist Ann when her limo breaks down in the dese...

Views: 5,002 • Reviews: 2

C.H.O.M.P.S (1979)

A young man invents a robot dog that has super strength, x-ray vision and can detect crimes being committed. A greedy businessman tries to steal the invention f...

Views: 1,533 • Reviews: 0

C.H.U.D. (1984)

A rash of bizarre murders in New York City seems to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living in the sewers. A courageous policeman, a photo jou...

Views: 8,139 • Reviews: 7

C.H.U.D. 2: Bud The Chud (1989)

A couple of teenagers break into a secret government science lab and steal a frozen corpse for a high school prank and accidently awaken the corpes which turns ...

Views: 7,524 • Reviews: 2

C.I.Ape (2021)

In the world of espionage, some missions require an agent with a unique set of skills, possessing not just bravery but an ability to melt even the most villanio...

Views: 173 • Reviews: 1



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