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9 to 5: Days in Porn (2009)

9to5 - Days in Porn focuses on the people behind a controversial and multi-billion dollar industry "The Adult Entertainment industry". It depicts their stories,...

Views: 205,832 • Reviews: 4

Too Much Pussy (2010)

What happens when women get sick of men and their sex talk? These women turned into feminists and take off on a tour bus to travel all over Europe. You can see ...

Views: 103,173 • Reviews: 4

Orphan (2009)

A husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be.

Views: 91,133 • Reviews: 27

The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships ( 2008) (2008)

Once relegated to the margins of society, pornography has become one of the most visible and profitable business sectors in the United States with estimated ann...

Views: 91,017 • Reviews: 3

Sin Nombre (2009)

Student Academy Award winner Cary Joji Fukunaga makes his feature directorial debut with this epic dramatic thriller following a Honduran teenager who reunites ...

Views: 68,469 • Reviews: 9

Good Hair (2009)

In the movie SCHOOL DAZE, Spike Lee staged a dance number in which two bands of African-American college students debated the merits of "Straight and Nappy" hai...

Views: 61,093 • Reviews: 16

Babies (2010)

Capturing on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all, this nonfiction feature from a...

Views: 59,183 • Reviews: 3

Behind the Scenes of an Adult Movie (1984)

Full access on xxx sets across America, shows you how the performers must prepare for their scenes and what they have to do to be 'ready'. Interesting and vivid...

Views: 54,564 • Reviews: 0

Obsessed (2009)

Three irrepressible graduate students are in a race to beat the competition to discover the switch that controls appetite in the human body. The pressure is on...

Views: 54,141 • Reviews: 11

Inside Deep Throat (2005)

In 1972, a seemingly typical shoestring budget pornographic film was made in a Florida hotel, "Deep Throat," starring Linda Lovelace. This film would surpass th...

Views: 53,692 • Reviews: 2

Jackass 3D (2010)

Johnny Knoxville and company return for the third installment of their TV show spin-off, where dangerous stunts and explicit public displays rule.

Views: 45,342 • Reviews: 23

Graphic Sexual Horror (2009)

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a peek behind the terrifying facade behind the most notorious of bondage websites, exploring the dark mind of its artistic creator a...

Views: 43,165 • Reviews: 0

Jackass 2.5 (2007)

The crew have now set off to finish what as left over from Jackass 2.0, and in this version they have Wee Man use a 'pee' gun on themselves, having a mini moto...

Views: 38,233 • Reviews: 10

Made in Serbia (2005)

MADE IN SERBIA portrays the Serbian video porn industry by presenting four life stories of domestic porn actors. Unlike their Western counterparts, these people...

Views: 35,818 • Reviews: 1

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005)

Portrait of an artist as a young man. Roughly chronological, using archival footage intercut with recent interviews, a story takes shape of Bob Dylan's (b. 194...

Views: 35,169 • Reviews: 0

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

A movie based on a PowerPoint presentation by a former presidential candidate may not sound exciting, but once AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH hits its stride viewers m...

Views: 35,053 • Reviews: 5

Froning the Fittest Man in History (2015)

Rich Froning Jr. is a legend in CrossFit and the Sport of Fitness. In this documentary, take a look at his childhood, follow his quest for a fourth CrossFit Gam...

Views: 30,474 • Reviews: 0

Indie Sex Censored (2007)

The history of film censorship in the United States. The documentary covers the pre-code era, to the 1934 introduction of the Hays Code. This slowly broke down ...

Views: 28,866 • Reviews: 0

Through the Fire (2005)

Since the age of 9, Sebastian Telfair has been one of the best-known basketball players on the streets of New York. At the start of his senior year at Lincoln ...

Views: 27,449 • Reviews: 0

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011)

Director Jon Chu's 3D fan cut is an exclusive, one-week limited release with 40 minutes of new Bieber footage! As he began the editing process s...

Views: 27,033 • Reviews: 6



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