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Movies starting with 'Q'


Q (1982)

A fleeing gangland flunky (Michael Moriarty) finds the New York nest of Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, the man-eating flying serpent.

Views: 4,115 • Reviews: 3

Q & A (1990)

Dirty cop, Mike Brennan thinks he got away with murder. But during a routine Q&A, the righteous assistant DA finds a clue that sets them both on a collision cou...

Views: 118 • Reviews: 0

Q Ball (2019)

Documentary that explores the San Quentin Prison basketball squad - teammates and inmates at "the Q" - along their journey of rehabilitation and possible redemp...

Views: 224 • Reviews: 0

Qahar (1997)

Crime is at its highest stage in a small locality all because of a small-time goon who calls himself Krishna and his pal, the big built and arrogant, Raja. Comm...

Views: 8,283 • Reviews: 0

Qaidi Band (2017)

Drama  Music 

A riveting tale of undertrials who are brought together to form a band in jail for a social event. As their popularity grows through social media, they use thei...

Views: 81 • Reviews: 0

Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny (2007)

This documentary pokes fun at the ways in which Inuit people have been treated as “exotic” documentary subjects by turning the lens onto the strange behaviours ...

Views: 1,079 • Reviews: 0

Qarantina (2010)


Crime, passion and childhood innocence in an Iraqi tale.

Views: 724 • Reviews: 1

Qatl (1986)

Rakesh (Sanjeev Kumar), while saving the life of his wife, Rohini (Sarika), loses his sight. His seemingly loving wife cares for him, but is also having an affa...

Views: 6,071 • Reviews: 0

Qayamat (1983)

Shyam and Kamal are two school-going students who are close friends. When Kamal is unable to pay his exam fees, Shyam assists him, and as a result Kamal does we...

Views: 5,852 • Reviews: 1

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)

Traditional rivals, both in business and underground activities, Randhir Singh and Dhanraj Singh, are faced with a dilemma when their children fall in love wi...

Views: 4,785 • Reviews: 1

Qayamat: City Under Threat (2003)

CBI Officer Akram Sheikh (Sunil Shetty) is on the verge of nabbing three dreaded Pakistan-backed arms dealers , the brothers Ali (Arbaaz Khan) and Abbas (Sanjay...

Views: 5,078 • Reviews: 2

Qi men dun jia (2017)

A group of warriors protect the world from a monster invasion.

Views: 548 • Reviews: 2

Qi shi tong shi (1983)

A man (Mike Wong) helps Gen. Ching's daughter recover stolen treasure on the Chang River.

Views: 383 • Reviews: 1

Qi xiao fu (1988)


The story of Beijing Opera School, its teacher Master Yu and his students.

Views: 363 • Reviews: 0

Qi yue yu an sheng (2016)

Two women who have been close friends since adolescence must cope with the changes that maturity brings.

Views: 321 • Reviews: 0

Qian Long huang qi yu ji (1976)


Emperor Chien Lung

Views: 350 • Reviews: 0

Qian wang dou qian ba (1981)

No plot available for Qian wang dou qian ba

Views: 1,784 • Reviews: 0



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