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Vicki (1953)

The untimely murder of a New York glamor-girl sparks an investigation with an emotionally driven detective at the helm.

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

The Square Jungle (1956)

Grocery clerk Eddie Quaid, in danger of losing his father to alcoholism and his girl Julie through lack of career prospects, goes into boxing. His cop friend Mc...

Views: 118 • Reviews: 5

For You I Die (1947)

A young convict,Johnny Coulter, serving as a trustee and with only a year remaining on his sentence, is forced to participate in a prison break by one of the ha...

Views: 30 • Reviews: 3

I, the Jury (1953)

Dectective Mike Hammer is determined to catch and kill the person who shot his close friend dead, so he follows clues that lead to a beautiful, seductive woman.

Views: 65 • Reviews: 0

Storm Fear (1956)

After being wounded by a bullet, bank robber Charlie Blake seeks shelter with his gang at his brother's mountain retreat. There he rekindles his romance wi...

Views: 117 • Reviews: 22

The Tattered Dress (1957)

When top lawyer James Blane gets an acquittal for a man who killed another man for sexually roughing up his trophy wife, the murderous town sheriff frames him f...

Views: 69 • Reviews: 0

Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)

Sent to a dude ranch in the west to recover her health, a New York actress falls in love with a ranch owner recently acquitted of the murder of his wife.

Views: 60 • Reviews: 0

Hideout (1949)

Hannah Kelly and Edie Hanson vie for the attentions of the naive attorney George Browning. Browning wises up in a hurry when he takes on a gang of jewel thieves...

Views: 67 • Reviews: 0

Post Office Investigator (1949)

A young postman becomes involved in the theft of rare stamps featuring inverted images of the Statue of Liberty. Along the way he encounters attractive criminal...

Views: 64 • Reviews: 0

The Man Who Died Twice (1958)

Nightclub owner T.J. Brennon dies in a car accident and two narcotics agents are killed in his apartment, prompting an investigation by the local police aided b...

Views: 58 • Reviews: 1

Insurance Investigator (1951)

When a businessman who has had a double indemnity policy taken out on him dies mysteriously, his insurance company sends an undercover investigator to town to d...

Views: 56 • Reviews: 0

Accused of Murder (1956)

Police detective falls for singer, gets involved with gangster killing.

Views: 49 • Reviews: 0

The Hairy Ape (1944)

During the 1940s, social class conflict is depicted when a spoiled socialite, traveling on a freighter, calls the ship's head stoker a hairy ape, provoking...

Views: 35 • Reviews: 0

The Arnelo Affair (1947)

A lawyer's wife starts an affair with a mobster but is confronted by his other flame who ends-up murdered and the adulterous wife is set-up to take the bla...

Views: 43 • Reviews: 0

Specter of the Rose (1946)

Ballet dancer Andre Sanine (Ivan Kirov) may have murdered his first wife. A detective thinks so, and he's not the only one. Andre is charming, if a little ...

Views: 56 • Reviews: 0

Finger Man (1957)

An ex-con goes undercover for the government to "finger" the crime boss who made his sister a drug addict.

Views: 41 • Reviews: 0

Anna Lucasta (1949)

A young woman who is disowned by her alcoholic father turns to prostitution to support herself; her scheming brother-in-law devises a plan to marry her off and ...

Views: 53 • Reviews: 1

Outrage (1950)

A young woman who has just become engaged has her life completely shattered when she is raped while on her way home from work.

Views: 50 • Reviews: 7

Sudden Danger (1955)

A woman who heads a sportswear manufacturing company is found dead. Although it is ruled a suicide, the police detective in charge believes she was murdered, an...

Views: 58 • Reviews: 0

The Shop at Sly Corner (1947)

In Britain, a man with a shady past uses his antiquities shop as a front for smuggled diamonds but his young shop-assistant starts blackmailing him, leading to ...

Views: 112 • Reviews: 0



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