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Danger Signal (1945)

A very romantic murderer has plans to seduce, marry and kill a beautiful woman for her wealth, but finds her younger sister to be even better prey.

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Blonde Sinner (1956)

A young woman who has been abused and taken advantage of by all the men in her life, finally finds a man she believes truly loves her, but she snaps when she fi...

Views: 19 • Reviews: 0

No Questions Asked (1951)

An insurance lawyer unhappy with his rate of company advancement becomes a middleman in deals to recover stolen property from the Mob, thus earning a nice livin...

Views: 11 • Reviews: 0

Iron Man (1951)

An ambitious coal miner is talked into becoming a boxer by his gambler brother.

Views: 12 • Reviews: 0

Walk East on Beacon! (1952)

A G-man searches for a communist sleeper-cell in Boston.

Views: 4 • Reviews: 2

Phone Call from a Stranger (1952)

While awaiting a delayed flight, a lawyer who has left his unfaithful wife, befriends three fellow passengers. After the plane crashes and he is among the few t...

Views: 14 • Reviews: 0

A Prize of Gold (1955)

Sgt. Joe Lawrence is an American Army officer who falls in love with a refugee trying to raise enough money to move a group of German orphans to South America, ...

Views: 14 • Reviews: 0

Cry Vengeance (1954)

Violent ex-cop Vic Barron comes to Ketchikan, Alaska seeking revenge on an old enemy.

Views: 9 • Reviews: 2

Terror on a Train (1953)

When a terrorist plants a bomb on board a train, the police call in an army bomb disposal expert to find, and dismantle it, but after it has been made safe, he ...

Views: 8 • Reviews: 2

Among the Living (1941)

A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother.

Views: 9 • Reviews: 0

Convicted (1950)

A D.A. becomes the prison warden where he tries to help an inmate he prosecuted, because he believes his sentence was excessive.

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Forbidden (1953)

Eddie Darrow, seeking a mobster's widow in Macao, gets involved in a casino owner's affairs.

Views: 8 • Reviews: 0

Alias Nick Beal (1949)

A district attorney rises to political success and the governorship but loses his sense of morality once he starts associating with the shadowy and perhaps diab...

Views: 11 • Reviews: 4

Night Without Sleep (1952)

Awaking one morning out of a drunken stupor, composer Richard Morton can't shake the feeling he has murdered a woman during the night.

Views: 13 • Reviews: 0

Shockproof (1949)

A Parole Officer falls in-love with his client, a ravishing blonde who served time for murder, and he's determined to help her go straight despite her interferi...

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

So Dark the Night (1946)

Paris police detective Cassin has a well needed vacation at a rural inn, where the owners' adult daughter shows interest in him but she has a jealous boyfriend....

Views: 7 • Reviews: 1

The Lady Confesses (1945)

An estranged wife shows up after a nearly 7 year disappearance to prevent her husband from marrying his new love, and someone kills her.

Views: 11 • Reviews: 3

Angel Face (1953)

Ambulance driver Frank Jessup is ensnared in the schemes of the sensuous but dangerous Diane Tremayne.

Views: 30 • Reviews: 0

Nightmare (1942)

An ex-gambler helps a beautiful widow, and becomes involved with a murder, secret agents, and saboteurs.

Views: 17 • Reviews: 1

The Big Night (1951)

A teenager comes of age while seeking revenge on the man who beat up his father.

Views: 8 • Reviews: 0



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