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Wild Love (2019)

The heart has its reasons of which nature knows nothing.

Views: 19 • Reviews: 0

Don't Peek (2020)

A young woman discovers a frightening video game character intent on crossing into the real world.

Views: 34 • Reviews: 0

Son (2021)

When a young boy contracts a mysterious illness, his mother must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past.

Views: 204 • Reviews: 0

There Comes a Knocking (2019)

Life is hard for Emma without the love of her life John. But after installing a new antique door and not being able to open it she starts hearing knocks coming ...

Views: 43 • Reviews: 0

Cargo (2013)

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect his infant daughter.

Views: 22 • Reviews: 1

Sleepless Beauty (2020)


A young woman, Mila, is kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as Recreation. Her unknown abductors talk to her though a loudspeaker and set strict rules:...

Views: 149 • Reviews: 0

The Pond (2021)

Anthropology professor was kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. Someone or something is still interes...

Views: 242 • Reviews: 0

Dark Figures (2020)


Five friends accidentally awaken an ancient evil while hiking in Arizona. They must fight to survive both a demonic spirit and the small tribe who worships it.

Views: 171 • Reviews: 0

IMThem (2021)

David, a theatrical make up artist, stumbles upon the murder of his city's mayor forcing him to go on the run from two masked killers. He quickly discovers hims...

Views: 89 • Reviews: 0

Tomio (2011)


A young couple, Tomio and Madoka, decide to get married after graduate school. Madoka convinces Tomio to visit a fortune teller to have their future foretold. T...

Views: 38 • Reviews: 0

The Awakening (2010)

A group of LA twenty-somethings are lured out of the city and out into the wilderness in search of a rave, a hot girl, and good times. Instead, they encounter a...

Views: 70 • Reviews: 0

Strangler's Morgue (1946)

A young captain, after participating in a duel, becomes the suspect in a series of killings in Epping Forest.

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind (2020)


A group of hostile aliens crash land at the bottom of the ocean, and via mind control use sharks to terrorize a small town full of secrets in the hopes of compl...

Views: 50 • Reviews: 0

John Constantine: Hellblazer - The Soul Play (2014)

No plot available for John Constantine: Hellblazer - The Soul Play

Views: 18 • Reviews: 0

The Return of Doctor X (1939)

A hotshot reporter and a young doctor team up to investigate a series of grisly murders and a mysterious sample of synthetic blood.

Views: 7 • Reviews: 1

Mentally Apart (2020)

A beatific couple are buried in a dream relationship, but when their love slowly descends into nightmares, strange things begin to happen in their apartment.

Views: 107 • Reviews: 0

The Return of Count Yorga (1971)


Count Yorga continues to prey on the local community while living by a nearby orphanage. He also intends to take a new wife, while feeding his bevy of female va...

Views: 17 • Reviews: 0

Dead Air (2021)

A dead father's recently discovered radio sends his adult son on a twisting journey that slowly unravels a dark, unimaginable secret.

Views: 131 • Reviews: 0

Paranormal Prison (2021)

A paranormal investigation YouTube channel is getting ready to shut down if they don't have a video that goes viral in time. In this last ditch attempt, a long-...

Views: 139 • Reviews: 2

Zombacter: Center City Contagion (2020)


Professor Jake Northrop (Eric Starkey) is horrified to learn that his experimental, bio-computer bacteria turns people into flesh-eating monsters. While most of...

Views: 91 • Reviews: 1



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