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Cheonbaksa toima yeonguso: seolgyeongui bimil (2023)

The story of a fake exorcist, Dr. Cheon, who is commissioned for the case of a girl who is strongly possessed.

Views: 14 • Reviews: 0

Genie (2023)

The film is a fairy-tale comedy about a workaholic man who enlists the help of a magical genie to help win his family back before Christmas.

Views: 79 • Reviews: 3

É Fada! (2016)

Geraldine is a fairy who lost their wings by using unconventional methods in their missions. Her last chance to retrieve them will be the mission "Julia&qu...

Views: 2 • Reviews: 0

Tantiram (2023)

The Trick follows Balachandran, a man with a bad past, who marries Alagini,turning him into a jovial and loving person.The Jinn, a supernatural entity, takes co...

Views: 8 • Reviews: 0

Greed (1985)

No plot available for Greed

Views: 4 • Reviews: 0

Kommunioun (2023)

Single mother Elaine is disturbed by her son Martin's aggressive behaviour, she visits his late father's estranged family in small-town Luxembourg, wh...

Views: 13 • Reviews: 0

Creating Rem Lezar (1989)

Zack and Ashlee discover the meaning of true friendship when they create an imaginary friend, the superhero Rem Lezar.

Views: 1 • Reviews: 0

Kod (2008)

Kwan (Kiatkamol Lata), a three-armed guy, was shocked to learn that his Uncle Tawee, his personal tailor, has passed away. He decides to go to Bangkok in order ...

Views: 1 • Reviews: 0

Yokai Daisenso Gâdianzu (2021)

Brothers Dai and Kei are summoned by peace-loving spirits to stop an angry demon from destroying Tokyo. When they become separated, Kei?s mission is to save his...

Views: 6 • Reviews: 0

Dejimon adobenchâ 02: Dejimon Hurricane joriku!! Chousetsu shinka!! Ôgon no Dejimentaru (2000)

The older DigiDestined mysteriously disappears. At the same time, a strange Digimon is seen wreaking havoc in America. The younger DigiDestined travel to invest...

Views: 4 • Reviews: 0

The Marvels (2023)

Carol Danvers gets her powers entangled with those of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, forcing them to work together to save the universe.

Views: 1,016 • Reviews: 27

Amore e morte nel giardino degli dei (1972)

An old professor rents a mysterious old villa, and finds a tape recorded by a previous occupant, detailing her debauched lifestyle and the events leading to her...

Views: 51 • Reviews: 1

South Park: Joining the Panderverse (2023)

The end of Cartman's familiar and beloved life is predicted by his incredibly unsettling dreams. As the arrival of AI is upending their society, the grownu...

Views: 528 • Reviews: 10

Where Are You, Christmas? (2023)

Addy wishes for a year without Christmas and she wakes up in a world of black and white. She must work together with the town mechanic to restore Christmas.

Views: 35 • Reviews: 0

Piaffe (2023)

When her sibling Zara suffers a nervous breakdown, the introvert Eva is forced to take on Zara's job as a Foley artist. Then, a horsetail starts growing ou...

Views: 81 • Reviews: 0

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (2021)

Illyasviel von Einzbern, a girl from a parallel world powered by heroes of myth and legend, has vowed to save the world and save Miyu, her friend who is to be s...

Views: 71 • Reviews: 0

Mia and the Dragon Princess (2023)

Mia, a plucky barmaid, has her life thrown into chaos when a mysterious woman turns up at her workplace, on the run from a group of violent thugs and unable to ...

Views: 72 • Reviews: 0

Xi nu ai le (1970)

This movie contains four separate stories, each by a different director. They are all ghost stories, including themes such as death wishes, prison, and alcoholi...

Views: 40 • Reviews: 0

Kôkaku kidôtai S.A.C. Solid State Society 3D (2011)

A new 3D version of Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society.

Views: 25 • Reviews: 0

Brujería (2023)

On the remote island of Chiloé in the late 19th century, an Indigenous girl named Rosa lives and works with her father on a farm. When the foreman brutally turn...

Views: 25 • Reviews: 0



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