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Eta vesyolaya planeta (1973)

Three cynical and emotionally detached aliens arrive on earth on New Year's eve with the mission of exploring and studying human behaviour but inevitably g...

Views: 31 • Reviews: 0

Karnavalnaya noch (1956)

A new chief of a "Culture House" is planning to hold a terribly boring New Year concert. A group of young amateur actors are doing their best to liven...

Views: 53 • Reviews: 1

Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1935)

Underworld king Lee Lother has been killed aboard a ocean liner, several people could have been the murderer. There is his mistress Anya Roysen, a married woman...

Views: 40 • Reviews: 0

Dikie lebedi (1962)

When a witch transforms her brothers into swans, a young princess must find a way to change them back.

Views: 16 • Reviews: 0

Aan Milo Sajna (1970)

Widowed and ailing Savitri Choudhury lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her son, Anil, in a palatial mansion in India. She knows that Anil is only waiting for...

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Rednecks (2017)

A group of rednecks go on an adventure to get fame, fortune and everything they have always dreamed of.

Views: 33 • Reviews: 0

Sneakerella (2022)

A modern twist on Cinderella set in New York City's Sneaker culture.

Views: 139 • Reviews: 0

Spring Awakening: Those You've Known (2022)

Fifteen years after the Tony-winning Broadway run of Spring Awakening, the original cast and creative team reunite for a spectacular, one night only concert.

Views: 161 • Reviews: 0

Om Jai Jagadish (2002)

Widowed Mrs. Saraswati Batra (Waheeda Rehman) has brought up three sons with a lot of care and love. Her eldest son Om (Anil Kapoor) is very honest and diligent...

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

Black Friday (2020)

When the holiday season's hottest new toy, the Tickle-Me Wiggly, hits the shelves, the city of Hatchetfield goes mad for it, literally. That's when To...

Views: 85 • Reviews: 0

Aventurera (1950)

Left alone after her mother runs off with another man and her father kills himself, Elena attempts to make a new life for herself in a new city. Believing he&ap...

Views: 31 • Reviews: 0

Romeo and Juliet (2007)

From the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, comes Shakespeare's enduring tragedy Romeo and Juliet with music by Prokofiev and choregraphy by Kenneth MacMill...

Views: 40 • Reviews: 0

One Night with You (1948)

Two strangers meet when they miss their trains, and end up spending a penniless day and night together. An English version of It Happened One Night (1934).

Views: 7 • Reviews: 2

Men on Her Mind (1944)

A famous singer reflects on her life, including her journey from being an orphan to her fame as a singer, as she tries to decide which of her three suitors she ...

Views: 5 • Reviews: 0

Tabor ukhodit v nebo (1976)

Rada, a beautiful and very proud gipsy girl is used to steal men's hearts and monk them. Zobar is a horse thief who's heart is stolen by Rada and his ...

Views: 31 • Reviews: 0

Under the Pampas Moon (1935)

Cesare Campo is a hard-riding and hard-loving Argentine gaucho. Yvonne LaMarr is a famous Parisian singer on her way to play an engagement in a Buenos Aires cab...

Views: 30 • Reviews: 0

The Devil on Horseback (1936)

A movie star visits a small Latin country with her press agent, and a local bandit who has a crush on her invites her to visit his hacienda. Her press agent dec...

Views: 27 • Reviews: 0

Bop Girl Goes Calypso (1957)

To prove his theory that rock and roll is on its way out, a sociologist tries to convince a "bop" singer to switch to calypso, much to the ire of her ...

Views: 44 • Reviews: 7

Mondomanila: Kung paano ko inayos ang buhok ko matapos ang mahaba-haba ring paglalakbay (2012)

Tony knows nothing but tough times, living in the bleak circus of the slums he calls home amongst denizens of the underworld: the crippled pimp, the lonely hous...

Views: 46 • Reviews: 0

The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - Swan Lake (2015)

No plot available for The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - Swan Lake

Views: 26 • Reviews: 0



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