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Disraeli (1929)

Prime Minister of Great Britain Benjamin Disraeli outwits the subterfuge of the Russians and chicanery at home in order to secure the purchase of the Suez Canal...

Views: 4 • Reviews: 0

Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (2011)

Actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ed Asner narrates this gripping creatively scripted 15-minute documentary exploring the mysterious destru...

Views: 16 • Reviews: 0

Quo vadis, Aida? (2020)

Drama  History  War 

Aida is a translator for the UN in the small town of Srebrenica. When the Serbian army takes over the town, her family is among the thousands of citizens lookin...

Views: 47 • Reviews: 0

Virginia Creepers: The Horror Host Tradition of the Old Dominion (2009)

Virginia Creepers examines more than 50 years of television horror hosting in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a reflection of a national cultural phenomenon. Th...

Views: 8 • Reviews: 0

Nothing Like the Sun (2018)

In the mid-20th century, a lesbian estranged by her family struggles to get them back by falsely adopting the faith of a Christian household where she takes she...

Views: 13 • Reviews: 0

The Scandalous Four (2011)

When you marry for status be prepared for unsuspected consequences.

Views: 23 • Reviews: 0

Jack the Ripper - The Case Reopened (2019)

Documentary which aims to cast new light on the Whitechapel Murders, identify another victim and name the killer.

Views: 37 • Reviews: 0

The Art Dealer (2015)

A young woman is searching, today, in Paris, for the collection of paintings stolen from her Jewish family during WWII.

Views: 15 • Reviews: 0

Lincoln's Washington at War (2013)

Washington, D.C. in 1861. The Civil War is at the doorstep and the city is bracing for disaster. America is a country torn in two. An untested President Lincoln...

Views: 5 • Reviews: 0

Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission (2021)

History  War 

WWII hero with the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron, Lt. Royal Stratton, leads a deadly mission to save the lives of nine downed airmen adrift in enemy waters of a...

Views: 78 • Reviews: 0

Where's Jack? (1969)

The adventures and the exploits of notorious English thief and prison-breaker Jack Sheppard in 1720s London.

Views: 19 • Reviews: 0

Revenge of the Barbarians (1960)

408 AD. The Visigoths led by Alaric invade northern Italy. At Ravenna, they have to battle, and they are stopped by the power of the Roman legions and the cunni...

Views: 15 • Reviews: 3

Fate/Grand Order the Sacred Round Table Realm: Camelot (2020)

Chaldea agents Ritsuka Fujimnaru and Mash Kyrielight travel to Camelot and encounter the heroes of that realm.

Views: 26 • Reviews: 0

The Curse of the Hope Diamond (2010)

No plot available for The Curse of the Hope Diamond

Views: 14 • Reviews: 2

Jedda the Uncivilized (1955)

Set against the harsh natural surrounds of outback Northern Territory, Jedda captures a rare and honest glimpse into the heart and history of indigenous Austral...

Views: 10 • Reviews: 0

Raffl (1984)

Portrait of an alpine countryside during the Napoleonic wars. The hero, a poor countryman, is faced with expulsion from society after having informed the French...

Views: 11 • Reviews: 0

Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution (2009)

The true story of the most successful slave uprising in world history comes to the screen as filmmaker Nolan Walker explores the Haitian Revolution, the movemen...

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Oscar Wilde (1960)

Playwright Oscar Wilde's homosexuality is exposed when he brings a libel action against his lover's father, leading to his own prosecution.

Views: 6 • Reviews: 0

Wake Island: Alamo of the Pacific (2003)

This documentary is a captivating account of the defense of Wake Island by a small contingent of United States Marines and civilian contractors. From December 8...

Views: 17 • Reviews: 0

Henry VIII (1979)

Henry VIII is a proud and wilful monarch who defies Rome's ban on divorce to marry his mistress Anne Boleyn. Cardinal Wolsey, the Powerful Lord Chancellor o...

Views: 24 • Reviews: 0



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