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Doctors of the Dark Side (2016)

Doctors of the Dark Side is the first feature length documentary about the pivotal role of physicians and psychologists in detainee torture. The stories of four...

Views: 73 • Reviews: 0

Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy (2011)

This documentary looks for an answer to the question of why the number of suicides among young American veterans and soldiers of the wars in Iraq and Afghanista...

Views: 20 • Reviews: 0

The Road: A Story of Life & Death (2013)

On the oldest Roman road in the capital, Filmmaker Marc Isaacs weaves together numerous poignant stories of loss and the search for belonging into a tapestry of...

Views: 10 • Reviews: 0

The 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2021)

The National Academy of Television Arts and Science pays recognition to the achievements made in outstanding U.S. daytime television programming during 2020, wh...

Views: 73 • Reviews: 0

Zima, ukhodi! (2012)

Ten young directors did not part from their cameras for two months. The result was a chronicle of Russia's winter protests.

Views: 11 • Reviews: 0

Beyond Recognition: The Incredible Story of a Face Transplant (2013)

A devastating and brutal attack left Carmen Tarleton with deep chemical burns over much of her face and body, transfiguring her appearances and altering the cou...

Views: 12 • Reviews: 0

Theodore Roosevelt: A Cowboy's Ride to the White House (2010)

Theodore Roosevelt: A Cowboy's Ride to the White House is the exciting story of a physically challenged young man from Harvard who came to the western front...

Views: 32 • Reviews: 0

The MindFulness Movie (2013)

An entertaining, secular, and educational look at the benefits of mindful practice, 'The Mindfulness Movie' brings together an unprecedented group of th...

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

Scrap (2010)

Scrap is a feature documentary which follows the history of two eccentric builders and their amazing structures which were both built by a single man: "The...

Views: 45 • Reviews: 0

The Jekyll Island (2013)

This film is about the greatest rip-off in history - the very way money and debt are created and controlled. This affects everyone on the planet, and is the bas...

Views: 79 • Reviews: 1

Noticias (2009)

An observational film that using the fragmented format of a newscast program proposes a cinematic glance to the same reality depicted daily by the media.

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

Kennedys Don't Cry (1975)

No plot available for Kennedys Don't Cry

Views: 15 • Reviews: 0

A Star Is Born World Premiere (1954)


Included on the DVD release of "A Star is Born" (1954), this is a live television broadcast of the world premiere. Described by various participants a...

Views: 14 • Reviews: 0

Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (2011)

Actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ed Asner narrates this gripping creatively scripted 15-minute documentary exploring the mysterious destru...

Views: 37 • Reviews: 0

Citizen Heroes: Knight Owl (2012)

Citizen Heroes tells the stories of individuals in the Northwest who are willing to put on a super-suit and not only fight crime, but support the homeless, comb...

Views: 10 • Reviews: 0

The Weight of Chains 2 (2014)

'The Weight of Chains 2' is a documentary film largely dealing with the effects of the Washington Consensus economic doctrine on the newly established f...

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

A Royal Hangover (2014)

A documentary on the UK's ambivalent alcohol culture.

Views: 39 • Reviews: 0

Space Launch Live: Splashdown (2020)


No plot available for Space Launch Live: Splashdown

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space (2020)


No plot available for Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space

Views: 29 • Reviews: 0

The Trolls (2016)

A Texas tech start-up breaks every crowdfunding record in the books, but they lose it all when a patent troll shuts them down. Refusing to go down without a fig...

Views: 35 • Reviews: 0



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