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The Living Matrix (2009)

Our film, The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing, uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. We talk with a group of d...

Views: 38 • Reviews: 0

The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience (2011)

The Collective Evolution 2 The Human Experience is a documentary focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life. The documentary does ...

Views: 22 • Reviews: 0

The Widowmaker (2015)

Every minute of every year an American drops dead of a heart attack, hundreds of thousands without any warning or prior symptom. But these people could have bee...

Views: 18 • Reviews: 0

The Third Strike (2020)

In the 1980's the war on drugs directly led to The Three-strikes Law. And for over 20 years it's been tearing families apart.

Views: 45 • Reviews: 0

The Invisible Patients (2016)

THE INVISIBLE PATIENTS tells the story of Jessica Macleod, a nurse practitioner, and four homebound patients she cares for in Evansville, Indiana.

Views: 20 • Reviews: 0

Que ta joie demeure (2014)

An open-ended exploration of the energies and rituals of various workplaces. From one worker to another and one machine to the next; hands, faces, breaks, toil:...

Views: 220 • Reviews: 0

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards (2022)


Host Kenan Thompson welcomes guests and nominees to the 74th annual awards show that honors the best in American TV across a wide array of categories; "Suc...

Views: 203 • Reviews: 1

Kunta Kinteh Island (2012)

This documentary film chronicles the process of renaming Ft. James Island, which was a holding cell for slaves during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, to Kunta K...

Views: 52 • Reviews: 0

Bidonville: Architectures de la ville future (2013)

From the heart of the planet's slums and squats, individuals have taken over these marginalized worlds and erected cities in their own image.

Views: 28 • Reviews: 0

This Little Land of Mines (2019)

This Little Land of Mines is an independent feature documentary about the resilience of the Lao people as they live among and work to clear 80 million unexplode...

Views: 54 • Reviews: 0

Psychedelia (2021)

'Psychedelia' is an hour-long documentary film about psychedelic drugs and their ability to induce mystical, or religious experiences. The film explor...

Views: 366 • Reviews: 0

Propaganda (2012)

An anti-western propaganda film about the influences of American visual and consumption culture on the rest of the world, as told from a North Korean perspectiv...

Views: 102 • Reviews: 0

Ukraine: Answering the Call (2022)


Primetime special aimed at education and to raise funds for the people whose lives have been shattered by the escalating war in Ukraine.

Views: 62 • Reviews: 0

Dos Cataluñas (2018)

A documentary that tackles the ideological conflicts surrounding the December 21 election in the country, to the push for sovereignty and subsequent parliamenta...

Views: 38 • Reviews: 0

The Kardashians -- An ABC News Special (2022)


Exploring the dynamics among the Kardashian women, the rise of "Kardashian Inc.," the tension between maintaining privacy and creating a top reality s...

Views: 171 • Reviews: 1

2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted (2022)


Tayshia Adam's of "The Bachelor" hosts, with appearances from stars.

Views: 86 • Reviews: 0

2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards (2022)


Vanessa Hudgens hosts with exclusive clips, superstar appearances and unforgettable awards from Los Angeles.

Views: 163 • Reviews: 0

What Is Wrong With the Global Development Organisation? (2013)

Short  Comedy  News 

What is Wrong With The Global Development Organisation? is a two minute micro-documentary about what can go wrong when organisations with good intentions lose s...

Views: 43 • Reviews: 0

Fukushima: A Nuclear Story (2015)

A powerful documentary - shot from March 11th, 2011 through March 2015 - that sheds some light on what really happened at the Fukushima nuclear power plant afte...

Views: 61 • Reviews: 0

A Time Comes (2009)

Six Greenpeace volunteers in 2008 were tried and acquitted for shutting down Kingsnorth power station in the UK. This was in protest at the government's pl...

Views: 45 • Reviews: 0



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