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How does the rating system work? (75 views, 3 replies)

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I often wondered about the ratings given to movies from viewer feedback, the numbers to not seem to match reviews.
Today it was tested; Six Three Times (2021) is a terrible movie, it had one review from Ravenmoon who gave it 1/10. I also gave it 1/10, the rating then showed '3/10 from 2 users'.
An average would show 1/10 from 2 users, or has maths changed since I went to school?


senior guru
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Taking advantage of the thread you open, I would like to ask if we can take off the rating we done in a given show. I tried last night and failed for a show.

I think I don't understand enough your question so I will tell what i find interesting IMO , following IMdb suggestions and statistics. The base is 5/10, above is interesting to excellent and bellow is boring to awful. Like school degrees, bellow base is fail to not accepted , some kind. The rate 5/10 to me is indifferent it may be of use for others.

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@Nasos You can change it if you refresh the page but I don't think you can remove your rating. 💋


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Maybe that is answer to your question butless, maybe if someone changes rating it counts and not resets original rating. I know if I don't zoom page on my phone I notoriously hit the wrong amount of stars and have to redo it💋💋

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