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"Watched list" playlist

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5 months ago

Created by: PacificLilly

Movies: 11, TV Shows: 78 [scroll to tv]

Playlist description:  My watched Movies and TV Shows

Movies (11)

Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022)

A lonely scholar, on a trip to Istanbul, discovers a Djinn who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom.

Views: 3,500 • Reviews: 10

Extraction (2020)


Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprison...

Views: 9,537 • Reviews: 43

Impostor (2002)

An engineer creates the ultimate weapon in a battle against aliens, only to be suspected as an alien himself. Second in a three-part anthology on relationships ...

Views: 3,769 • Reviews: 6

Terminator Genisys (2015)

John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be.

Views: 24,171 • Reviews: 29

The Scandalous Lady W (2015)

An eighteenth century drama details the scandalous life of Lady Seymour Worsley.

Views: 2,631 • Reviews: 1

Dragonheart Vengeance (2020)

Lukas, a young farmer whose family is killed by savage raiders in the countryside, sets out on an epic quest for revenge, forming an unlikely trio with a majest...

Views: 7,715 • Reviews: 16

Kill Command (2016)

Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.

Views: 6,041 • Reviews: 13

The Contractor (2022)

A discharged U.S. Special Forces sergeant, James Harper, risks everything for his family when he joins a private contracting organization.

Views: 6,834 • Reviews: 8

The Gray Man (2022)

When the CIA's most skilled operative-whose true identity is known to none-accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets, a psychopathic former colleague puts ...

Views: 4,632 • Reviews: 36

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

While visiting the Earth at Night, a group of alien botanists is discovered and disturbed by an approaching human task force. Because of the more than hasty ta...

Views: 20,080 • Reviews: 12

Wild Card (2015)

When a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal skills and a gambling problem gets in trouble with the mob, he has one last play...and it's all or nothing.

Views: 7,426 • Reviews: 4

Tv Shows (78)


The Handmaid's Tale (2017)

Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

Views: 298,502 • Followers: 368Reviews: 92
Season:5 Episode:4 (2 days ago)

The Resident (2018)


It centers on an idealistic young doctor who begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all ...

Views: 159,668 • Followers: 237Reviews: 10
Season:6 Episode:2 (2 days ago)

SEAL Team (2017)


The lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask.

Views: 188,666 • Followers: 236Reviews: 13
Season:6 Episode:2 (5 days ago)

See (2019)

Far in a dystopian future, the human race has lost the sense of sight, and society has had to find new ways to interact, build, hunt, and to survive. All of tha...

Views: 59,405 • Followers: 256Reviews: 22
Season:3 Episode:6 (8 hours ago)

House of the Dragon (2022)

The story of the House Targaryen set 300 years before the events of 'Game of Thrones'.

Views: 41,281 • Followers: 332Reviews: 16
Season:1 Episode:6 (4 days ago)

The Serpent Queen (2022)


Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda's book "Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France."

Views: 2,906 • Followers: 67Reviews: 3
Season:1 Episode:3 (5 days ago)

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022)

Epic drama set thousands of years before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings' follows an ensemble ca...

Views: 19,741 • Followers: 229Reviews: 108
Season:1 Episode:6 (5 hours ago)

Married to Medicine (2013)

Follows a group of successful and educated women, including doctors and wives of doctors, who are connected to the world of medicine in Atlanta. Whether deliver...

Views: 73,527 • Followers: 48Reviews: 0
Season:9 Episode:12 (4 days ago)

The Imperfects (2022)

After an experimental gene therapy turns them into monsters, three twenty-somethings band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make ...

Views: 1,159 • Followers: 19Reviews: 1
Season:1 Episode:10 (3 weeks ago)

Shetland (2013)

Crime  Drama 

About detective Jimmy Perez, a native Shetland islander who returns home after a long spell away.

Views: 35,382 • Followers: 60Reviews: 1
Season:7 Episode:6 (2 weeks ago)

Tales of the Walking Dead (2022)

An episodic anthology that will follow individual characters from the The Walking Dead TV universe, both new and old.

Views: 5,771 • Followers: 66Reviews: 9
Season:1 Episode:6 (2 weeks ago)

What We Do in the Shadows (2019)


A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of four vampires who've lived together for over 100 years, in Staten Island.

Views: 89,576 • Followers: 171Reviews: 43
Season:4 Episode:10 (3 weeks ago)

Colosseum (2022)

It showcases the rise and fall of the Roman Empire through the Colosseum, one of the most exhilarating and brutal arenas in the history of humanity.

Views: 2,823 • Followers: 32Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:8 (3 weeks ago)

The Real Housewives of Dubai (2022)

A group of women navigating their ultra-wealthy lifestyles in the United Arab Emirates.

Views: 6,266 • Followers: 37Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:14 (3 weeks ago)

60 Days In (2016)

"60 Day In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars at Indiana's Clark County Jail as seven innocent volunteers are sent to live among its general popu...

Views: 86,376 • Followers: 114Reviews: 8
Season:2022 Episode:7 (1 hour ago)

Severance (2022)

Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outsi...

Views: 14,349 • Followers: 99Reviews: 8
Season:1 Episode:9 (5 months ago)

The Sandman (2021)

Upon escaping after decades of imprisonment by a mortal wizard, Dream, the personification of dreams, sets about to reclaim his lost equipment.

Views: 10,252 • Followers: 93Reviews: 25
Season:1 Episode:100 (1 month ago)

Black Bird (2022)

Jimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison but he cuts a deal with the FBI to befriend a suspected serial killer. Keene has to elicit a c...

Views: 9,750 • Followers: 105Reviews: 16
Season:1 Episode:6 (1 month ago)

Shark Week (1987)

Shark Week: Every year The Discovery Channel dedicates a full week to sharks, this includes newly made specials each year all featuring sharks.

Views: 33,150 • Followers: 19Reviews: 1
Season:2020 Episode:23 (1 year ago)

American Ninja Warrior (2009)

Contestants run, jump, crawl, climb, hang, and swing through crazy obstacles as they compete to become the next American Ninja champion.

Views: 85,393 • Followers: 34Reviews: 4
Season:14 Episode:13 (3 weeks ago)



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