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All Creatures Great and Small

Genre: Drama
Released: 2020
Views: 366
8.5/10 from 1 users.
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The numerous adventures of a friendly staff at a country veterinarian practice in 1930s to 1940s Yorkshire. A remake of the 1978-1990 series. Taken from the autobiographical books by James Herriot.

Starring: Nicholas RalphRachel ShentonAnna MadeleySamuel WestCallum WoodhousePhilip GascoyneDavid WoodSteven Blakeley
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I grew up watching the original BBC series of this. It was so simple, and peaceful. It was a great quiet Sunday evening show for the whole family. This new series does an amazing job capturing that old feel that the 70's/80’s version had. The actors, music, wardrobe and scenery are all so well done that I would have a hard time believing the last series came out 40 years earlier. I think I still have the books that this series is based on. The books are still a lot more detailed but this does a great job all the same.

I really recommend this if you want a quiet peaceful show.

I don’t know why this says it’s a drama, it’s too lighthearted to be dramatic. This is more of a slice-of-life show with plenty of scenes that will make you laugh, or at least chuckle quietly.

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@Kanagawa I totally forgot this series was on, I rarely watch tv now thanks to this site so thank you for review and reminder, I will now watch it, I too grew up with the original and look forward to calm and peaceful.


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What a charming show. Its good clean television with a great cast. I love period television and film so this is something I thought that I would enjoy even before I watched it. Each of the four main characters has such a distinct personality that they actually compliment each other. I never got to see the original 1970's version of the show but I'm glad in a way because I am thoroughly enjoying watching this series.


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