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Titans (2018)

A team of young superheroes led by Nightwing (formerly Batman's first Robin) form to combat evil and other perils.

Views: 272,167 • Followers: 414Reviews: 36
Season:4 Episode:12 (6 months ago)

The Rookie (2018)

Crime  Drama 

The series follows John Nolan, a forty-year-old man, who moves from his comfortable, small town life to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a police office...

Views: 223,270 • Followers: 332Reviews: 36
Season:5 Episode:22 (7 months ago)

911 (2018)


Explores the high-pressure experiences of police, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. ...

Views: 189,017 • Followers: 305Reviews: 19
Season:6 Episode:18 (6 months ago)

Legacies (2018)

Hope Mikaelson, a tribrid daughter of a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid, makes her way in the world.

Views: 183,834 • Followers: 315Reviews: 36
Season:4 Episode:20 (1 year ago)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation (2018)

The cast of Jersey Shore swore they would always do a vacation together. Now, five years, five kids, three marriages, and who knows how many GTL sessions later,...

Views: 175,022 • Followers: 89Reviews: 8
Season:6 Episode:34 (1 day ago)

FBI (2018)

Drama  Crime 

Procedural drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the FBI, bringing to bear all the Bureau's skills, intellect and mind-blowing technology to ...

Views: 172,173 • Followers: 257Reviews: 13
Season:5 Episode:23 (6 months ago)

The Resident (2018)


It centers on an idealistic young doctor who begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all ...

Views: 167,920 • Followers: 230Reviews: 10
Season:6 Episode:13 (10 months ago)

Yellowstone (2018)

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, under constant attack by those it bor...

Views: 167,480 • Followers: 360Reviews: 55
Season:5 Episode:8 (11 months ago)

Manifest (2018)

After a turbulent, but routine, flight the passengers and crew discover the world has aged five years, yet no time has passed for them, and soon a deeper myster...

Views: 148,118 • Followers: 325Reviews: 34
Season:4 Episode:20 (6 months ago)

Killing Eve (2018)

A security operative hunts for an assassin. Based on the Villanelle novellas by Luke Jennings.

Views: 139,166 • Followers: 231Reviews: 38
Season:4 Episode:8 (1 year ago)

Charmed (2018)

This fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. Between vanquishing superna...

Views: 132,091 • Followers: 221Reviews: 34
Season:4 Episode:13 (1 year ago)

New Amsterdam (2018)


A new medical director breaks the rules to heal the system at America's oldest public hospital.

Views: 131,795 • Followers: 237Reviews: 9
Season:5 Episode:13 (10 months ago)

Cobra Kai (2018)

Set thirty years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, the series focuses on Johnny Lawrence reopening the Cobra Kai dojo, which causes his...

Views: 121,365 • Followers: 182Reviews: 27
Season:5 Episode:10 (1 year ago)

Who Is America? (2018)


Sacha Baron Cohen offers his take on America's patriotism.

Views: 121,072 • Followers: 56Reviews: 7
Season:1 Episode:7 (5 years ago)

Black Lightning (2018)

A retired superhero becomes a vigilante for justice.

Views: 118,232 • Followers: 198Reviews: 12
Season:4 Episode:13 (2 years ago)

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018)

Up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the...

Views: 109,791 • Followers: 256Reviews: 28
Season:4 Episode:6 (4 months ago)

A Discovery of Witches (2018)

Diana Bishop, historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, but he's...

Views: 108,486 • Followers: 324Reviews: 67
Season:3 Episode:7 (1 year ago)

Mayans M.C. (2018)

Set in a post-Jax Teller world, "Mayans MC" sees EZ Reyes, a former golden boy now fresh out of prison, as a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the California-...

Views: 108,080 • Followers: 231Reviews: 16
Season:5 Episode:10 (4 months ago)

Magnum P.I. (2018)

An ex-Navy SEAL returns home from Afghanistan and uses his military skills to become a private investigator in Hawaii.

Views: 106,547 • Followers: 176Reviews: 24
Season:5 Episode:16 (2 weeks ago)

Love After Lockup (2018)

Couples finally meet their fiancé upon prison release. Once the bars are gone, will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar? Will the inm...

Views: 97,660 • Followers: 104Reviews: 18
Season:6 Episode:8 (4 weeks ago)



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