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"Found footage /POV /mockumentaries" playlist

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3 years ago

Movies: 130

Playlist description:  Just a few of my fav FF movies.

Movies (130)


Dominium (2013)

Horrific paranormal hauntings disturb a documentary crew's boundary-pushing film. Investigating an unsettling ceremony, they uncover mysteries that'll put all o...

Views: 134 • Reviews: 1

Red Woods (2021)

A group of urbex enthusiasts travel to the backwoods of Appalachia to capture footage of abandoned houses, when they unwittingly become the subjects of a much d...

Views: 737 • Reviews: 4

Curse of Aurore (2020)

A thumb drive from the dark web reveals disturbing footage documenting three American filmmakers on a script writing trip to rural Quebec.

Views: 235 • Reviews: 4

Crone Wood (2016)

A young couple who just met decides to go camping after a wonderful first encounter, a decision they will soon regret.

Views: 272 • Reviews: 2

Dead Voices (2020)

Two sisters discover a dark secret while making a documentary about mediums for a college final.

Views: 317 • Reviews: 2

An Irish Exorcism (2013)

THE EXORCISM DIARY is a story about an Exorcism carried out in a country house in Ireland. The tale deals with the effects of the Exorcism on the six individual...

Views: 783 • Reviews: 2

Followed (2018)

To gain more subscribers, a controversial social media influencer stays at a cursed hotel to terrifying results.

Views: 831 • Reviews: 8

Diary of the Dead (2007)

A group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own.

Views: 11,998 • Reviews: 25

The Black Water Vampire (2014)

A documentary film crew investigate a series of brutal killings known as the Black Water murders. As they delve deeper into the story, they stumble upon a horri...

Views: 3,767 • Reviews: 6

The Purging Hour (2015)


A family who has recently moved to Mammoth Mountain, California, is being hunted by a mysterious force.

Views: 1,349 • Reviews: 4

Head Case (2007)

A film edited from the home movies of serial killers Wayne and Andrea Montgomery, which presents a look into their quiet, suburban lives...and the graphic, dist...

Views: 180 • Reviews: 3

M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters (2020)

No plot available for M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters

Views: 647 • Reviews: 4

The Fear Footage (2018)


On April 19th, 2016, Deputy Leo Cole vanished. The next morning, his body camera was found.

Views: 759 • Reviews: 6

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)


No plot available for Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Views: 3,781 • Reviews: 13

There Are Monsters (2013)


There Are Monsters is a feature length horror based upon the apocalyptic premise that the world is being taken over -slowly, quietly and efficiently- by creatur...

Views: 763 • Reviews: 6

Heilstätten (2018)

Four young YouTube V-loggers visit the former clinic of Heilstätten near Berlin. They challenge each other for 24h to stay. But what begins as fun ends in torme...

Views: 3,938 • Reviews: 9

Long Pigs (2007)

A documentary by two desperate young filmmakers who stumble upon the ultimate subject, a 33 year old cannibalistic serial killer named Anthony McAllister, who h...

Views: 1,215 • Reviews: 1

Delivery: The Beast Within (2013)

Delivery tells the story of Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple who agree to document their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show. The production...

Views: 3,656 • Reviews: 9

Safari (2013)

A found footage film set in the South African wild, where animals and poachers rule. A Young Zulu girl, Mbali, meets an American tourist group on safari. The gr...

Views: 192 • Reviews: 1

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire (2019)


The Abaddon Hotel will once again be open to the public. Russell Wynn has taken his audience-interactive show, Insomnia, into the abandoned hotel that is rumore...

Views: 1,265 • Reviews: 7


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