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"FF HORROR" playlist

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6 years ago

Created by: Teeny💋

Movies: 229

Playlist description:  Favorite found footage (In progress)

Movies (229)


V/H/S/94 (2021)

A police S.W.A.T. team investigates about a mysterious VHS tape and discovers a sinister cult that has pre-recorded material which uncovers a nightmarish conspi...

Views: 883 • Reviews: 12

Episode 50 (2011)

Episode 50 is a horror come thriller that brings out the story of some paranormal inspectors who are sent out to explain the happening of a hunted insane asylum...

Views: 3,563 • Reviews: 3

The Blackout Experiments (2016)

This documentary follows a group of people who discover the ultra-scary, psycho-sexual horror experience Blackout, and develop an obsession that hijacks their l...

Views: 1,444 • Reviews: 2

Polaroid (2019)

High school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the mysterious Polaroid vintage camera she stumbles upon, but it doesn't take long to d...

Views: 7,670 • Reviews: 23

Skyman (2020)


The story of Carl Merryweather who believes he experienced an alien encounter at 10-years-old and is now trying to reconnect with the UFO at the same location.

Views: 822 • Reviews: 2

Howard's Mill (2021)


An abandoned piece of farmland in rural Tennessee may hold the key to multiple missing person cases spanning over 40 years.

Views: 655 • Reviews: 4

The 5th Kind (2017)

Three best friends try to get 'internet famous' by filming their own survival show out in the woods. A weekend trip to accomplish this project turns deadly when...

Views: 261 • Reviews: 1

The Bucks County Massacre (2010)

A group of friends get together for a 25th birthday party at a remote house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After someone goes missing and the police search the ...

Views: 1,791 • Reviews: 5

sxtape (2013)


Adam and Jill attempt to spice up their relationship by recording a sex tape in an abandoned mansion. Realizing they're not alone in their ominous surroundings,...

Views: 3,970 • Reviews: 8

A Necessary Death (2008)

"Documentary Filmmaker looking for suicidal individual to follow from first preparation to final act." Cut from 142 video tapes, this project sheds light on the...

Views: 43 • Reviews: 1

The Sleepless Unrest: The Real Conjuring Home (2021)

The world-famous house that inspired The Conjuring film has recently been sold and is now open to paranormal investigations. With special access, a small group ...

Views: 380 • Reviews: 4

Zlo (2012)


A small crew of filmmakers are working on a television show, specializing in the paranormal, when they get word that a strange man is having problems with spiri...

Views: 1,207 • Reviews: 1

The Ouija Experiment (2013)


Film student Brandon and four friends play with a Ouija board, unwittingly opening a portal to the spirit world and a drowned girl's deadly mystery.

Views: 220 • Reviews: 3

Severed Footage (2012)

Twelve severed feet in running shoes found on the shores of Western Canada have baffled Police. A videotape is leaked anonymously from the authorities. This par...

Views: 1,139 • Reviews: 2

Specter (2012)

A supernatural thriller containing real natural disasters intertwined with a narrative story that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Views: 1,172 • Reviews: 8

The Helpers (2012)


Seven friends on a road trip to Las Vegas break down near a rest-stop motel, where they encounter a seemingly helpful group of people. Convinced to stay overnig...

Views: 2,172 • Reviews: 5

Behind the Sightings (2021)

Documentary discovery of multiple clown sightings around the US lead us to an unforgivable homicide.

Views: 257 • Reviews: 4

Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (2014)


Fictional documentary on the deaths of students in the Russian mountains, attributed to the yeti.

Views: 100 • Reviews: 1

Jimmy Tupper vs. the Goatman of Bowie (2010)


Jimmy Tupper is a no one, he's nothing. He spends his days working at a Starbucks in Suburban Maryland and spends his nights drinking and playing Rock Band....

Views: 95 • Reviews: 1

Horror in the High Desert (2021)

In July 2017, an experienced outdoor enthusiast vanished in Northern Nevada while on an outdoor excursion. After an extensive search, he was never located. On t...

Views: 1,142 • Reviews: 4


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