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The Nevers TV Show Started again 2/14/2023 Has anyone seen it yet yes or no (95 views, 1 replies)

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I have seen every episode of the show when it first came out but I didn't keep "Following" the show because it took so long to come back out and to me was not worth keeping up with at the time since I had so much going on. I think I might re-watch the show like I have recently with "Carnival Row" I might re-watch the show "The Nevers" as well but I was just wondering if anyone else has seen the newest episode and is waiting for more episodes or if everyone just gave up on the show. I was just wondering.


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Hello, there is no Season Two. They were forced to stop filming during the pandemic, and only episodes 6 to 12 of season 1 were released this week.

The only information is that The Nevers is cancelled After One Season, Pulled From HBO Max, but Prime or Netflix may take it over at some time in the future.

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