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"Watchlist (2021)" playlist

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1 month ago

Created by: gfree

Movies: 19

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Movies (19)

Test Pattern (2019)

Test Pattern follows an interracial couple whose relationship is put to the test after a Black woman is sexually assaulted and her white boyfriend drives her fr...

Views: 70 • Reviews: 0

In Search of Darkness: Part II (2020)

The follow-up to In Search of Darkness (2019) dives deeper into the practical-effects decade of '80s horror movies with all-new interviews from genre icons and ...

Views: 100 • Reviews: 0

Pelé (2021)

Looks back at the extraordinary 12-year period in which Pelé, the only man to win three World Cup titles, went from young superstar in 1958 to national hero in ...

Views: 57 • Reviews: 1

Ham on Rye (2019)

A bizarre rite of passage at the local deli determines the fate of a generation of teenagers, leading some to escape their suburban town and dooming others to r...

Views: 67 • Reviews: 0

Patrice O'Neal: Killing Is Easy (2021)


The Irreverent Comedian's Life Utilizing a vast archive including never-before-seen personal materials and featuring O'Neal's family and friends.

Views: 98 • Reviews: 1

Sator (2019)


Secluded in a desolate forest, a broken family is observed by Sator, a supernatural entity who is attempting to claim them.

Views: 240 • Reviews: 0

The World to Come (2020)


Somewhere along the mid-19th century American East Coast frontier, two neighboring couples battle hardship and isolation, witnessed by a splendid yet testing la...

Views: 531 • Reviews: 3

Willy's Wonderland (2021)

A quiet drifter is tricked into a janitorial job at the now condemned Wally's Wonderland. The mundane tasks suddenly become an all-out fight for survival agains...

Views: 2,017 • Reviews: 12

Judas and the Black Messiah (2021)

The story of Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party, and his fateful betrayal by FBI informant William O'Neal.

Views: 1,636 • Reviews: 3

Little Fish (2020)

A couple fights to hold their relationship together as a memory loss virus spreads and threatens to erase the history of their love and courtship.

Views: 195 • Reviews: 0

Falling (2020)


A conservative father moves from his rural farm to live with his gay son's family in Los Angeles.

Views: 170 • Reviews: 0

Rocks (2019)


A young teenage girl finds herself struggling to take care of herself and her younger brother after being abandoned by their single mother with no choice but to...

Views: 120 • Reviews: 0

Atlantis (2019)

A soldier suffering from PTSD befriends a young volunteer hoping to restore peaceful energy to a war-torn society.

Views: 119 • Reviews: 0

Wrong Turn (2021)

Friends hiking the Appalachian Trail are confronted by 'The Foundation', a community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years.

Views: 4,034 • Reviews: 21

There Is No Evil (2020)

The four stories that are variations on the crucial themes of moral strength and the death penalty that ask to what extent individual freedom can be expressed u...

Views: 99 • Reviews: 0

The Night (2020)

An Iranian couple living in the US become trapped inside a hotel when insidious events force them to face the secrets that have come between them, in a night th...

Views: 251 • Reviews: 0

MLK/FBI (2020)

Based on newly declassified files, Sam Pollard's resonant film explores the US government's surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Views: 114 • Reviews: 0

Psycho Goreman (2020)

After unearthing a gem that controls an evil monster looking to destroy the Universe, a young girl and her brother use it to make him do their bidding.

Views: 995 • Reviews: 8

The White Tiger (2021)

Crime  Drama 

The epic journey of a poor Indian driver who must use his wit and cunning to break free from servitude to his rich masters and rise to the top of the heap.

Views: 232 • Reviews: 4

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