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"Michael Moore Documentaries" playlist

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1 month ago

Created by: armagaeddon

Movies: 11

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Movies (11)

Canadian Bacon (1995)


The US economy is in a rut, and so is the president's approval rating. What we need is a good war, but the Russians aren't interested. Hey -- how about that bi...

Views: 8,996 • Reviews: 3

Slacker Uprising (2007)

Footage from Michael Moore's 60-city tour of college campuses and other venues showcases what the filmmaker calls "the birth of a new political genera...

Views: 1,729 • Reviews: 1

The Big One (1998)

Filmmaker/satirist Michael Moore examines downsizing, factory closings and other aspects of corporate America.

Views: 1,596 • Reviews: 0

Where to Invade Next (2015)

To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully "invades" them to see what they have to offer.

Views: 2,027 • Reviews: 0

Michael Moore in TrumpLand (2016)

Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks...

Views: 2,445 • Reviews: 2

Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)

Filmmaker Michael Moore examines the current state of American politics, particularly the Donald Trump presidency and gun violence, while highlighting the power...

Views: 3,661 • Reviews: 30

Roger & Me (1989)

A documentary about the closure of General Motors' plant at Flint, Michigan, which resulted in the loss of 30,000 jobs. Details the attempts of filmmaker Micha...

Views: 8,488 • Reviews: 0

Sicko (2007)

Documentary look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs) compared to free, universal care in...

Views: 10,915 • Reviews: 6

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

In this film, muckraker Michael Moore turns his eye on George W. Bush and his War on Terrorism agenda. He illustrates his argument about how this failed busines...

Views: 11,456 • Reviews: 2

Bowling for Columbine (2002)

Michael Moore: thorn in the side of corporate America, scourge of the political hypocrisy and all-round ass-kicker of those that need a boot in the behind... ...

Views: 14,722 • Reviews: 3

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

On the 20-year anniversary of his groundbreaking masterpiece Roger & Me, Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story comes home to the issue he's been examining th...

Views: 17,647 • Reviews: 5

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