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"Music/Comedy" playlist

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1 month ago

Created by: MrDale67

Movies: 14, TV Shows: 2 [scroll to tv]

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Movies (14)

Jeff Dunham: Me the People (2022)

It follows Dunham as he tackles how much time we dedicate to our devices, the things we spend money on, and cancel culture.

Views: 320 • Reviews: 2

Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map (2014)


In this documentary/stand-up special, Jeff takes his friends in the suitcase all around the world, performing in places such as Iceland, Norway, Abu Dhabi, Unit...

Views: 6,355 • Reviews: 1

Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry (2023)

Jim Jefferies is back and no topic is off limits. The comedian muses on stoned koalas, his dad's vasectomy confusion, choosing between his hair and his sex...

Views: 209 • Reviews: 1

South Park the Streaming Wars Part 2 (2022)

A drought has brought the town of South Park to the brink of disaster.

Views: 1,395 • Reviews: 1

South Park: The Streaming Wars (2022)

Cartman locks horns with his mum in a battle of wills while an epic conflict unfolds and threatens South Park's very existence.

Views: 1,683 • Reviews: 2

Razzle Dazzle (2023)

It follows Bert Kreischer as he spills on bodily emissions, being bullied by his kids and the end to his family's escape room outing.

Views: 21 • Reviews: 1

Jim Jefferies: Intolerant (2020)


Between scenes from an excruciating date, Jim Jefferies digs into generational differences, his own bad habits and the shifting boundaries in comedy.

Views: 503 • Reviews: 0

Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now (2018)


No plot available for Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now

Views: 1,596 • Reviews: 1

South Park: Post Covid: Covid Returns (2021)

Stan, Kyle and Cartman could go back in time to make sure Covid never happened and save Kenny's life, but they just don't seem to be able to work as a...

Views: 2,389 • Reviews: 4

South Park: Post Covid (2021)

What happened to the children who lived through the Pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived but will never be the same Post Covid.

Views: 3,353 • Reviews: 20

Bert Kreischer The Machine (2016)


Bert Kreischer: The Machine

Views: 615 • Reviews: 0

Heaven and Hell Live from Radio City Music Hall (2007)


Comprised of former members of Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell grew out of a 2006 reunion of post-Ozzy frontman Ronnie James Dio, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Gee...

Views: 619 • Reviews: 0

Dio: Dreamers Never Die (2022)

The first career spanning documentary on the heavy metal vocalist to be authorized by the artist's estate includes scenes with peers, family and friends; n...

Views: 220 • Reviews: 3

Greg Warren: Where the Field Corn Grows (2020)


Greg Warren is smart enough to understand what he doesn't know, and it's in his common-sense attempt to understand basic agriculture, home repair, or fi...

Views: 97 • Reviews: 0

Tv Shows (2)

South Park (1997)

South Park is an animated series featuring four foul-mouthed 3rd graders, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show is set in the Colorado town of South Park wher...

Views: 699,258 • Followers: 243Reviews: 36
Season:26 Episode:6 (6 months ago)

Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters (2018)


Anthology of stories told via different genres that satirize social norms and flawed characters.

Views: 5,410 • Followers: 18Reviews: 3
Season:1 Episode:8 (5 years ago)

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