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Watch The Art of War II: Betrayal Online for Free

The Art of War II: Betrayal

Aka: L'art de la guerre II - Trahison
A Arte da Guerra II
A harc mestere 2. - Az árulás
Genre: Action / Thriller
Released: 2008
Run time: 103 min.
Views: 6,539
5.7/10 from 3 users.
16 (?)

When Agent Neil Shaw comes out of hiding to vindicate his former mentor's murder, he winds up on the trail of betrayal and lethal corruption. Under the charge of his friend and a senatorial candidate, his mission is to set things straight. But when more people turn up dead, Shaw realizes that he's been set up as bait.

Director: Josef Rusnak
Starring: Wesley SnipesPaul BaeOlivia ChengMichael RyanScott HeindlRachel HaywardRyan McdonaldWinston RekertAthena KarkanisLochlyn Munro
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The Art of War II: Betrayal - user reviews (4)

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The first one was a pretty decent action/espionage flick, this one isnt: 5/10


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This movie has its moments but overall its kinda slow!2/5


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Okay action, nothing special. Wesley Snipes is good but the script he works with is so-so.


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Cool movie..I liked it..


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