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Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Released: 2020
Run time: 90 min.
Views: 2,245
6.8/10 from 6 users.
PG (?)

Shy teenager Leo meets a mysterious and eccentric girl named Stargirl at school. He's trying to find out more about her.

Written by: 4ntymateria
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Director: Julia Hart
Starring: Darby StanchfieldKimberly W SandefurStacy JohnsonDamian O'HareMaximiliano HernándezKaran BrarGraham VerchereShelby SimmonsGrace VanderWaalGiancarlo Esposito
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(1 year ago)

Shy teenager Leo meets a mysterious and eccentric girl named Stargirl at school. He's trying to find out more about her.

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This is not the Stargirl you are looking for. Try this one :D [SPOILER]


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This was a cute movie. Film debut of Grace VanderWaal. The ukelele chick from Americas Got Talent who got a Golden Buzzer. Movie is about being true to yourself and who you are as an individual. Worth a one time watch.


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