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Genre: Animation / Family / Fantasy
Released: 2012
Run time: 86 min.
Views: 12,839
PG (?)
USA; France;

The Lorax's Moral is to Keep the World clean, And don't abuse it.

Written by: Mrlolzies
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Starring: Danny DeVitoJoel SwetowNasim PedradJenny SlateRob RiggleBetty WhiteTaylor SwiftZac EfronEd HelmsMichael Beattie
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(3 years ago)

The Lorax's Moral is to Keep the World clean, And don't abuse it.

(3 years ago)

One of the most beautiful fairy tales dr. Seuss, the creator of such wonderful and informative stories as "Horton Hears a Person." Desiring to win the heart of a young man, he learns of Lorax - a grumpy, but charming creature that speaks in the name of trees. A moving story for both children and adults.

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cute movie, nice message


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