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Lady Libertine (1984) user reviews

Lady Libertine movie

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Lady Libertine might be classed as softcore porn or even classic erotica, but is more suited to M-S aficionados and corporal punishment fans.
Most movies of this genre are low-budget but this Playboy production has the budget for stylish scenery, real actors, and good cinematography.
The plot, of an orphan 'boy' picked up by an aristocrat and found to be a runaway teenage girl, is classic Victorian eroticism. The sex scenes are not graphic but many viewers will find the caning scenes distasteful.
Jennifer Inch plays Frank/ Francis the boy/ girl in her first big movie part, I cant find her bio but she seems quite young at the time.
Verdict? I did not like the way it was produced, more lust and less violence would have mad a movie for a wider audience.



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