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Infinity Chamber

Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller
Released: 2016
Run time: 143 min.
Views: 2,598
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A man trapped in an automated prison must outsmart a computer in order to escape and try and find his way back to the outside world that may already be wiped out.

Director: Travis Milloy
Starring: Chris KellyLouis KlotzAmanda LauBrian RagovinSusan BelkinAndrea Annie OwensGarrett BehnkeBrandon LoomisChuck KleinCassandra Clark
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Sci Fi Buff
(3 years ago)

It doesn't have a lot of science, but it is Sci-Fi. It has a political dimension, that ends with hope. It has a love story that doesn't overtake the plot, and isn't even consummated by the end; and yet is very poignant and sweet. Shot on a small budget, it is exceptionally well thought out, and worth watching, IMHO.


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I did finally watch this one and it isn't that the movie is bad it just takes a lot out of you trying to figure it out. I did like the twist ending. smiley


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i really enjoyed this movie ..just watched a 2nd time , very original great acting , really cool idea/story
8/10 ..x6



This is a slow moving movie. Definitely low budget but not terrible. The actors did an okay job and they did a good job on the futuristic main set. It's not one of those lazy movies, it definitely makes you work for the answers at times.


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ok...I did not expect much from this movie on the git go, but...It was just weird enough to keep my interest. There are more than a few lull moment and I almost wanted to fastforward, but was glad I didnt. I ended up rooting for the guy in the end. By the way...Great Ending....Kinda Sappy..but Great all the same.


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I have never been so confused in my life. I watched it all. It sort of starts in the middle with no explanation as to what happened. Not flashbacks, just jumps right straight in to confusion for me. I paused so I could think things through a couple of times. [SPOILER].. It's an odd one for sure.


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Poor guy, They got him [SPOILER] Quite a somewhat confusing ending sorta.. not bad movie. 3ish smiley /5 smiley


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Thank you for comments below, I think I will save this one for when I have absolutely nothing else to watch smiley


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