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How to invite a friend using a referral link?

To get your personal link please register.
You will find your referral link on your profile settings page (now also on all Movie pages). You can publish your referral link on your site, personal blog or on your favorite social network and give your friends the opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of our social network.

For every unique visitor (click) you will earn extra points, for a registered friend that you bring to the site, you will also get extra points and authority Why should I take account of the number of my points? As soon as your friend registers on the site, he/she will be able to add you to his/her list of friends. Please visit users page to find out more about our point system.

The best way to earn points is to post your referral links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Users click on your link - you get points. It's simple! Please don't share your referral links here on the site, it's prohibited.


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172,260 reviews • 107,501 films • 15,629 TV series

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