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Why movies are not in English?

There are many explanations. Please read this article: What's with the trend of releasing movies outside the US first?

We liked this explanation: If a movie were to be released in the USA first, the audio would be English. MANY people around the world can speak or understand English so they would be able to easily watch a pirated movie. If they don't understand English, then subtitles can easily be added by anyone. Nowadays, movies get released in predominantly non-English speaking countries (in other words, English isn't their first language) first so those pirated movies would be useless to everyone unless they happen to understand what's being said.

Why do we allow not English links?

Actually we do not allow non-English links but users (linkers) are constantly ignoring our rules and want to grab more traffic. Our position that it's better to show everything we've got than show nothing. Actually a lot of our users understand Spanish, Chinese and even Russian. So... subscribe for new links and wait for better copies.

How can I see the link's language?

Mouse over the link and wait for a tooltip. It will show the full title of the link. Please note that we detect language and quality automatically.


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164,568 reviews • 101,348 films • 13,738 TV series

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