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Casablanca (1942)

Drama  Romance  War 

During World War II, Europeans who were fleeing from the Germans, sought refuge in America. But to get there they would first have to go Casablanca and once th...

Views: 31,188 • Reviews: 8

The Black Swan (1942)

Soon after Sir Henry Morgan is named Governor of Jamaica in 1674, he announces that the age of the pirate is over and asks his former captains to give up their...

Views: 20,462 • Reviews: 4

Jungle Book (1942)

The original screen version of Rudyard Kipling's tale of a young boy who grows up with a family of wolves.

Views: 9,671 • Reviews: 0

1942: A Love Story (1942)

It was August 1942. The Quit India movement had gathered momentum. Protesters, all over the country, came out in large numbers and the thunderous cry of quit ...

Views: 8,055 • Reviews: 3

Random Harvest (1942)

An amnesiac World War I British veteran (Ronald Colman) marries a chorus girl (Greer Garson), then forgets her.

Views: 7,797 • Reviews: 1

The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942)

Sheridan Whiteside, an eccentric and acid-tongued radio lecturer, is disabled on the doorstep of a prominent Ohio family and must remain confined to the unwill...

Views: 6,819 • Reviews: 0

Went the Day Well? (1942)

The residents of a British village during WWII welcome a platoon of soldiers who are to be billeted with them. The trusting residents then discover that the sol...

Views: 6,759 • Reviews: 5

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)


The sweeping saga of a prominent wealthy family's attempt to adapt to the changing times at the close of a decadent age. Though mutilated by studio executives b...

Views: 5,905 • Reviews: 1

Desperate Journey (1942)

War  Drama 

When Flight Lt Forbes and his crew are shot down after bombing their target, they discover valuable information, about a hidden German aircraft factory, that m...

Views: 5,857 • Reviews: 1

Now, Voyager (1942)

Charlotte Vale suffers under the domination of her Boston matron mother until Dr. Jaquith gets her to visit his sanitarium where she is transformed from frump t...

Views: 5,700 • Reviews: 10

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

A musical portrait of composer/singer/dancer George M. Cohan. From his early days as a child-star in his family's vaudeville show up to the time of his comebac...

Views: 5,563 • Reviews: 4

Mrs. Miniver (1942)

Drama  Romance  War 

This is the story of an English middle class family through the first years of World War II. Clem Miniver is a successful architect and his beautiful wife Kay ...

Views: 5,420 • Reviews: 1

Wake Island (1942)

War  Drama 

In November 1941, Major Caton takes command of the small Marine garrison on Wake Island. His tendency toward spit and polish upsets the men's tropical lassitud...

Views: 5,106 • Reviews: 1

The Little Foxes (1942)

This film adaptation of the 'Lillian Hellman' (qv) play depicts a post-Civil War southern community where nothing is more important than money and power to Regi...

Views: 5,016 • Reviews: 13

The Pied Piper (1942) (1942)


Englishman Mr Howard is on a fishing holiday in eastern France when the Germans invade in 1940. Setting off to try and get back home he is persuaded to take alo...

Views: 4,585 • Reviews: 3

Gentleman Jim (1942)

Because boxing is a considered an illegal and disreputable enterprise in 1880's San Francisco, wealthy and influential members of the prestigious Olympic Club ...

Views: 4,452 • Reviews: 0

You Were Never Lovelier (1942)

A tycoon (Adolphe Menjou) sends anonymous gifts to his daughter (Rita Hayworth) to make her fall for a mystery man he will choose later, but a...

Views: 4,349 • Reviews: 2

The Gay Sisters (1942)

Fiona, Evelyn and Susanna are sisters. Their mother dies on the Lusitania, their father is killed in France, they must manage their Fifth Avenue mansion by them...

Views: 4,340 • Reviews: 0

In This Our Life (1942)


A young woman (Stanley Timberlake) dumps her fianc?e (Craig Fleming) and runs off with her sister's (Roy Timberlake) husband (Peter Kingsmill). They marry, set...

Views: 4,276 • Reviews: 0

This Gun for Hire (1942)

Hit man Philip Raven, who's kind to children and cats, kills a blackmailer and is paid off by traitor Willard Gates in "hot" money. Meanwhile, pert entertainer...

Views: 4,077 • Reviews: 0



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