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The Invisible Man (1933)

A scientist turns himself invisible. However, the formula slowly drives him insane, causing him to terrorize the countryside as an invisible killer.

Views: 17,281 • Reviews: 3

Corruption (1933)

A crusading young politician is running for mayor on a program of cleaning up the graft-ridden politics of a big city. However, all of his opponent are mysteri...

Views: 11,351 • Reviews: 1

Duck Soup (1933)

Possibly the most well known of any Marx Brother's films, made during the depression of 1933. Groucho stars as Rufus T Firefly, dictator of mythical Freedonia...

Views: 9,025 • Reviews: 6

King Kong (1933)

In 1933, the bold and successful filmmaker Carl Denham travels by ship with a large crew, his friend Jack Driscoll and the starlet Ann Darrow to an unknown isla...

Views: 6,221 • Reviews: 1

42nd Street (1933)

A Broadway producer (Warner Baxter) sends in the understudy (Ruby Keeler) when his show's star (Bebe Daniels) twists her ankle.

Views: 5,698 • Reviews: 5

Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

Barney Hopkins is producing a new show on Broadway, but the day before it opens, the set and costumes are confiscated due to not paid bills. Everybody is sitti...

Views: 4,187 • Reviews: 0

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933)

Drama  Romance  War 

Megan Davis, a young American, arrives in Shanghai during the Chinese Civil War in order to marry a missionary. She is separated from her fianc? and rescued by...

Views: 3,908 • Reviews: 1

The Son of Kong (1933)

Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) returns to Skull Island, where he found the original Kong, in search of rumoured treasure. He finds the diamonds and something ...

Views: 3,844 • Reviews: 1

Wild Boys of the Road (1933)

At the bottom of the depression, Tom's mother has been out of work for months when Ed's father loses his job. Not to burden their parents, the two high school s...

Views: 3,507 • Reviews: 0

Sons of the Desert (1933)


So that he and Stan can sneak away to Chicago and attend the annual "Sons of the Desert" lodge convention, Ollie pretends to be sick, and gets a doctor (who tu...

Views: 3,260 • Reviews: 0

The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)

Laughton was awarded a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the 16th Century English monarch. The film typifies director Alexander Korda's penchant for histo...

Views: 3,244 • Reviews: 1

Ecstasy (1933)

An unhappy bride (Hedy Keisler) returns to her father (André Nox) and meets an engineer (Pierre Nay) who sees her nude chasing her horse. ...

Views: 3,205 • Reviews: 0

Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

In London, sculptor Ivan Igor struggles in vain to prevent his partner Worth from burning his wax museum...and his 'children.' Years later, Igor starts a new m...

Views: 3,152 • Reviews: 1

She Done Him Wrong (1933)

In her first starring film vehicle, She Done Him Wrong, Mae West is Lady Lou, a saloon singer and "slick article" who drives every man who sees her mad with d...

Views: 2,396 • Reviews: 0

Counsellor at Law (1933)


Successful attorney has his Jewish heritage and poverty-stricken background brought home to him when he learns his wife has been unfaithful.

Views: 2,381 • Reviews: 2

The Little Giant (1933) (1933)

Prohibition is ending so bootlegger Bugs Ahearn decides to crack California society. He leases a house from down-on-her-luck Ruth and hires her as social secret...

Views: 2,244 • Reviews: 2

The Mayor of Hell (1933)

Five members of a teen-age gang, including leader Jimmy Smith, are sent to the State Reformatory, presided over by the melodramatically callous Thompson. Soon, ...

Views: 2,240 • Reviews: 6

Oliver Twist (1933) (1933)


An orphan boy in 1830's London is abused in a workhouse, then falls into the clutches of a gang of thieves.

Views: 2,125 • Reviews: 2

Cavalcade (1933)

Drama  Romance  War 

Drama based on Noel Coward's stage-play following the lives of well-off Londoners Robert and Jane Marryot as they're touched by events such the Boer War, the ...

Views: 2,063 • Reviews: 5

Little Women (1933)

Little Women is a "coming of age" drama tracing the lives of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. During the American Civil War, the girls father is away servin...

Views: 2,034 • Reviews: 3



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