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Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive (2022)

Follow free diver Johanna Nordblad in this documentary as she attempts to break the world record for distance traveled under ice with one breath.

Views: 2,044 • Reviews: 0

Aspirational Slut (2022)

We meet Rosemary lying on the floor of her house, sobbing. Heartbroken. The doorbell rings. It's a Pizza Delivery Guy. Rosemary can't stop crying. She...

Views: 1,247 • Reviews: 7

Mantra (2022)

Emma and Paul have just moved into an old suburban mansion. They barely have the time to move in that Paul has to travel away for work - Emma discovers a strang...

Views: 620 • Reviews: 0

Ringworms (2022)

After discovering her boyfriend's plan to propose on their weekend vacation, a young girl undergoes a crisis of commitment which attracts the attention of ...

Views: 503 • Reviews: 2

Sentient (2022)

After surviving an ambush, an American soldier is taken hostage by a ragtag group of Afghan insurgents. But as his captors interrogate him, they quickly discove...

Views: 397 • Reviews: 1

Beyond Infinity: Buzz and the Journey to Lightyear (2022)

Follows the making of the Pixar "Lightyear".

Views: 295 • Reviews: 0

Six (2022)

A vampire is caught by a clandestine government agency and given an ultimatum: join them and hunt down other vampires, or be killed.

Views: 282 • Reviews: 0

Moshari (2022)

The end of the world forces two sisters together, inside a mosquito net, just to live on-but first they must survive each other.

Views: 261 • Reviews: 0

Strong (2022)

With the help of her AI dog, a sixteen year-old girl must get her sick mother to another planet where a better life awaits.

Views: 254 • Reviews: 1

It's the Small Things, Charlie Brown (2022)

Sally's bond with a special little flower on the baseball field may spell disaster for the big game. For Charlie Brown and the team, it's just the ins...

Views: 226 • Reviews: 0

The Weeknd x the Dawn FM Experience (2022)


Enter the experience of Dawn FM as The Weeknd performs his latest album live in a theatrically unsettled and unnerving world.

Views: 215 • Reviews: 0

Apotheosis (2022)

Selene, a young aerospace engineer, dreams of going to space, but she was born naturally in this near future society where the first generation of genetically e...

Views: 212 • Reviews: 0

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation (2022)

Follows the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, with Rose, Rey, Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca looking to relax in the summer sun after their fateful battle w...

Views: 204 • Reviews: 1

Reindeer in Here (2022)

Blizzard, a young reindeer living at the North Pole, and his unique group of friends band together to save the future of Christmas, creating a magical holiday t...

Views: 192 • Reviews: 0

Favorite Daughter (2022)


It follows a grandmother, mother, and daughter quarantine together in a apartment as they laugh about life over wine.

Views: 176 • Reviews: 0

The River (2022)

Sarah retreats to the river to escape family drama, but discovers something far more disturbing lurks beneath the water.

Views: 167 • Reviews: 0

Please Hold (2022)

A young man's life is suddenly and inexplicably derailed, as he finds himself at the mercy of automated "justice."

Views: 160 • Reviews: 0

Hiraeth (2022)

Hiraeth is a heart-breaking film that explores one woman's grief at the edge of the solar system. Amber Jones, a British astronaut on the first manned miss...

Views: 157 • Reviews: 0

Expiration Date (2022)

No plot available for Expiration Date

Views: 155 • Reviews: 0

Afro Algorithms (2022)

This 3D animated short film in the Afrofuturist genre explores the topics of AI and bias. In a distant future, an artificial intelligence named Aero is inaugura...

Views: 151 • Reviews: 1



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