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The Last Leg

Genre: Comedy / News / Talk-Show
Released: 2012
Views: 3,949
4.7/10 from 7 users.
3 users

Aussie comedian and amputee athlete, Adam Hills, British comedian Josh Widdicombe, UK's most famous amputee comedian Alex Brooker, and their celebrity guests provide topical commentary on the week.

Starring: Adam HillsJosh WiddicombeAlex Brooker
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senior guru
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This show was started for the Olympics when it was in London in 2012 and it was meant to be just for London 2012 but it was so good that it was given the green light to do more, I found it funny on the London 2012 episodes as it started as a show asking is it OK to say certain things about para Olympians and it was a fresh look having people who have lost a leg or what ever it was on the show and joking about it and saying they want to be treated like anyone else not treated like they need protecting from jokes. I had never seen Adam Hills before don't know if he was big in OZ or what. I still enjoy the show now but don't watch every one like I did in 2012. Good fun show.


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