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Genre: Comedy / Crime / Drama
Released: 2011 - 2014
Views: 11,770
2 users

A New York mobster goes into hiding in rural Lillehammer in Norway after testifying against his former associates.

Starring: Steve Van ZandtNasrin KhusrawiEira StuedahlGreg CanestrariFinn SchauTim AhernTommy KarlsenKyrre HellumFridtjov SåheimSven NordinMikael Aksnes-PehrsonSteinar SagenAnne KrigsvollTrond Fausa AurvaagMarian Saastad Ottesen
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little Stevie Van Dandt ! smiley smiley
if your a fan of Sopranos you'll enjoy this.


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This is the funniest series that you have never seen. I doubt that many here have seeen it, because no one ever mentions it, and there is only one comment on it. Steve Van Zandt testifies for the Feds, gets some witness protection, leaves America, and the Sopranos for his health, and lands in Lillehammer in Norway. I don't know what he was expecting here, but once he gets used to the natives, and they get used to him, he finds that things work much the same way everywhere. A little money, and a little muscle help to grease the wheels of commerce. The language and culture difference makes this especially fun. And Van Zandt is extremely funny. I EASILY give this a 10/10.

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@bondojoe Jesus I totally forgot about this! I was like halfway through and then went traveling...Good Review ! Did you know Van Zandt was out of no-where pick before Sopranos? Atleast that's what I remember, they just wanted some fresh faces/actors and just believed in him though he never done nothin' before Sopranos


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Norway meets the Sopranos (lol)... Action-packed, hilarious, and well-written, I wish this show went on longer than 3 seasons... It's so good! Van Zandt is perfect, and Torgeir is my favourite Norwegian character of the series. definitely a must-see! 10/10 Excellent to watch in the wintertime ;)


senior guru
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I just finished watching all 3 seasons and I'm not to sure what to say about this show. One things for sure, I couldn't wait to come home and watch a couple episodes before calling it a night. As pointed by other users, this show is like the Mafia meets Norway. It's not really a "Goodfellas" type of movie: die hard wise guy movie that is. But, it does follow a former mobster who capitalizes on anything and everything he can in a small town called "Lilyhammer". It has a comical touch to it, some muscle, and a lot of wheeling and dealing. It was definitely different and nothing what I expected it to be like. But I must say that it was a good show.


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