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Genre: Thriller
Released: 2020
Run time: 102 min.
Views: 3,338
R (?)

After a one-night stand, a successful married man finds himself entangled in a cunning police detective's latest investigation.

Director: Deon Taylor
Starring: Hilary SwankTyrin TurnerSam DalyDallas ChandlerGeoffrey OwensDamaris LewisDanny PinoKali HawkMike ColterMichael Ealy
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It was meh. I mean the antagonist was kind a cute, but she looked old enough to be his aunt. When they screwing and he would rub he face, you could see at least 30 wrinkles. Ewww!

Typical with movies like these, he acting is out of balance. The supporting characters are usually better than the starring ones.

Still if you like Fatal Attraction type of movies, you might like this.

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@MPA2000 I counted


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I thought this was a little basic on the story line, but entertaining enough. Hilary showing some age in this one. (It was distracting to me) Decent acting all around. Loved the pool!


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Not a bad movie, good plot line. Love every movie this actress is in. =)


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What a waste of time. This film was soooo cheap. It reminded me of soft porn.


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Not a bad movie, a little different. Sort of a cross between strangers on a train and a fatal stalker movie. Not a keeper or more than one watch, but at least one watch, if that makes any sense.


top expert
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It was clear who was the bad guy . Still entertaining worth to watch .


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Looks like it might be an okay movie. Mike is a really good actor, known for his parts in Straight outta Compton and Jacob's Ladder.


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I really enjoyed this one!It was mind-bending.Hilary's character was so warped.You could feel the tension between her and michael Ealy.I will watch this movie again.



Hillary swank is such a good actress as well as michael ealy and the rest of the cast. The story was really good even though it's been done 1000 times it seems. It's also very predictable, but who doesn't love a good love triangle with a psycho story??


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