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"Classic War Movies" playlist

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3 years ago

Created by: Zinix

Movies: 14

Playlist description:  Classic War Movies

Movies (14)

The Longest Day (1962)

The retelling of June 6, 1944, from the perspectives of the Germans, the US, Britain, and the Free French. Marshall Erwin Rommel, touring the defenses being est...

Views: 19,091 • Reviews: 13

Von Ryan's Express (1965)

Von Ryan's Express is a fast-paced, well-acted World War II drama, featuring a squadron of Allied soldiers trying to escape a prison camp in Italy. While most...

Views: 9,223 • Reviews: 4

Kelly's Heroes (1970)

During World War II a German Colonel is captured by the Americans but before he can be interrogated an artillery barrage hits the camp. However, Ex-Lieutenant ...

Views: 33,895 • Reviews: 3

The Bridge at Remagen (1969)

Action  Drama  War 

In the last days of World War II, the Allied Army desperatly searched for a bridgehead across the impenetrable Rhein River, in order to launch a major assault ...

Views: 7,453 • Reviews: 1

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

A Japanese-American co-production, director Richard Fleischer (SOYLENT GREEN) and two Japanese directors put together this ultrarealistic account of the bombin...

Views: 13,989 • Reviews: 1

Force 10 from Navarone (1978)

Action  Drama  War 

In the darkest days of World War II, Hitler's armies are storming through Europe, annihilating all opposition in their path. But U.S. Colonel Barnsby plots to ...

Views: 11,259 • Reviews: 1

The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Action  Drama  War 

A Major with an attitude problem and a history of getting things done is told to interview military prisoners with death sentences or long terms for a dangerou...

Views: 19,451 • Reviews: 6

Midway (1976)

The 1942 battles of the Coral Sea and Midway island are retold through the points of view of both sides. When an audacious US air raid reaches Japan itself, Co...

Views: 15,696 • Reviews: 1

Battle of the Bulge (1965)

War  Action  Drama 

In the winter of 1944, the Allied Armies stand ready to invade Germany at the coming of a New Year. To prevent this occurrence, Hitler orders an all out offens...

Views: 21,243 • Reviews: 2

The Guns of Navarone (1961)

1943. With the battle of Stalingrad turning the war against them, the Germans are attempting to bully neutral Turkey into joining the Axis; to this end they ha...

Views: 28,620 • Reviews: 1

A Bridge Too Far (1977)

It is near the end of WWII. The Germans have lost most of France, and the Allied forces decide to give them the final hit. They plan to drop thousands of parat...

Views: 22,976 • Reviews: 4

Battle of Britain (1969)

Historical reenactment of the air war in the early days of World War Two for control of the skies over Britain as the new Luftwaffa and the Royal Air Force det...

Views: 14,909 • Reviews: 4

Where Eagles Dare (1969)

During WW2 a British aircraft is shot down and crashes in Nazi held territory. The Germans capture the only survivor, an American General, and take him to the ...

Views: 13,326 • Reviews: 5

The Eagle Has Landed (1976)

Oberst Steiner, a German parachute unit commander, is sent to England on a covert mission to kidnap Prime Minister Winston Churchill and bring him to Berlin. Th...

Views: 9,766 • Reviews: 0

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