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"Its a Wonderful Lifetime" playlist

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5 months ago

Created by: Tikateapot

Movies: 39

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Movies (39)


Record Breaking Christmas (2022)


Leah is forced to travel to a small town to investigate its plans to break multiple holiday world records. Later, she discovers that she may be the person who c...

Views: 308 • Reviews: 0

Loving Christmas (2021)

Ashley has always been the "Christmas Queen" in town. That is, until she meets her match, Ben, a handsome new guy in town, who loves Christmas just as...

Views: 324 • Reviews: 0

A Christmas to Savour (2021)

Scarlett is a chef and co-owner of a restaurant. This year, her best friend buys her a ticket to a holiday cooking getaway, where Scarlett will relearn festive ...

Views: 210 • Reviews: 0

A Candlelit Christmas (2022)

Ellie decides to go back home for Christmas, and help her dad with the candle-making business. Little does she know, however, that her father has charming, writ...

Views: 267 • Reviews: 0

Christmas ร  La Carte (2022)

When food correspondent, Carly, gets a shot at her own show, she is sent to Angel Heights to help Grant open his diner and film it as a Holiday special for her ...

Views: 217 • Reviews: 0

Kirk Franklin's the Night Before Christmas (2022)


It follows an estranged mother and her daughter as they get caught in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve and are forced to take refuge inside a church. They meet a ha...

Views: 193 • Reviews: 0

Destination Christmas (2022)

Emma Warner, as a SVP of a toy company, spends 12 months a year focusing on Christmas, leaving no time for dating. This year, she plans a trip to a tropical sin...

Views: 428 • Reviews: 0

A Christmas to Treasure (2022)

The passing of a beloved old neighbor reunites six friends for a hometown holiday treasure hunt, where sparks fly once again between brand strategist Austin and...

Views: 287 • Reviews: 0

Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas (2022)

When a weather forecaster is asked to host her network's annual snow-cast in the wintry town of Leavenworth live with the network's morning show host ...

Views: 218 • Reviews: 0

A New Orleans Noel (2022)


Follows Grace and Anthony, who despite having gone to college to study architecture together, are too different, but things between them change after both are h...

Views: 144 • Reviews: 0

Merry Textmas (2022)


Every year, the family gathers at Abuela's house in Mexico. When Gaby accidentally adds Alex to the family group-chat, her well-meaning family decides to s...

Views: 238 • Reviews: 0

A Show-Stopping Christmas (2022)


Regina, the owner of a Theatre in Massachusetts is preparing to sell the property before the holiday performance and Riley, the artistic director, must call upo...

Views: 163 • Reviews: 0

Santa Bootcamp (2022)


Hired by shopping mall magnate Ed Mancini to host a Christmas gala for his biggest investors, Emily heads to Santa Bootcamp - to find the perfect Santa and the ...

Views: 229 • Reviews: 0

A Christmas Spark (2022)

It tells the story of recently widowed Molly who decides to visit her daughter for Christmas. She signs on to direct the town's Christmas pageant and falls...

Views: 254 • Reviews: 0

Baking All the Way (2022)

A pastry chef from Chicago finds herself in Wisconsin convincing a baker to give her his gingerbread recipe for her new cookbook.

Views: 217 • Reviews: 0

Steppin' Into the Holiday (2022)

Follows former Broadway star, Billy Holiday, who meets Rae, the charismatic owner of a local dance studio, and after Billy volunteers to help Rae with a dance r...

Views: 226 • Reviews: 1

Christmas with a Crown (2020)

When a successful woman returns to her hometown to revive her family's Christmas festival, she meets a dashing stranger who's volunteered to help organi...

Views: 444 • Reviews: 0

A Country Christmas Harmony (2022)


Follows Luke and Chrissy, a former country music duo and ex-sweethearts who run into each other years later after Chrissy disappeared on Luke, but now they real...

Views: 354 • Reviews: 0

Sweet Navidad (2021)

A pastry chef, dreams of opening her own postre shop. Being paired with another chef for a grand event they have to learn from one another and eventually come t...

Views: 192 • Reviews: 0

Christmas Harmony (2018)

Kelley Jakle stars as young woman who returns to her small hometown to rediscover music, family bonds, and the magic of the Christmas season.

Views: 756 • Reviews: 2


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