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‘’Women who run with the wolves.’’ (150 views, 3 replies)

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Box can you find this audio book? smiley
I’d love to have this in my ears during chores or while jogging.

*Ok fine, we know I haven’t run anywhere in ages… smiley PICKY PICKY
But I can still HEAR daggumit, and chores will con’t after I’m dead regardless.
So how’s about a grrreat hunting mission, like: finding this kewl book + smiley❣️

*eye SWEAR I’m certifiably wyld. (dammit) 👈see?


senior master
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Sorry, I don't have access to audio book.

But here is the other type if you are interested. Ciao

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(1mo) 'wild woman archetype'

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@Buttless I rly hope its terrifying!

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