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The System (2022) user reviews

The System movie

User Reviews (2)

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This is probably more for the Tyrese fans than anything else. I thought that the action was good, but the acting was only so-so. Tyrese apparently is still trying to get rid of that image of him as the tall skinny kid singing "Coca Cola", on the bus, with his Walkman.

Because everything after that was him trying to be streetwise, gangster or some paramilitary specialist.

This being yet another attempt to do that, but the acting just wasn't there for it. It was good to see Terrence Howard attempt to be his supporting character, but his role was too infrequent and no one has ever thought of Howard as a thug tough guy.

My son liked it I guess, but he grew up with Tyrese on both the Transformers and Fast and Furious.


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You've only got to look at the poster picture image to see this movie is just another of those films. Don't bother.



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