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The Monk and the Demon

Genre: Comedy / Mystery
Released: 2016
Run time: 114 min.
Views: 64
6.8/10 from 0 users.
Not Rated (?)

A new brother settles in the friary. But dark forces follow him into the monastery and from time to time they materialize as Legion. Legion has chosen Ivan as the object of his devilish work, tempting him in every possible way in an attempt to make him abandon the chosen path of God.

Director: Nikolai Dostal
Starring: Timofey TribuntsevVladimir KapustinGeorgiy NazarenkoTomas MotskusMikhail MilkisMikhail KrylovSergey BarkovskiyRoman MadyanovBoris KamorzinGeorgiy Fetisov
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