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Quiet Comes the Dawn (2019) user reviews

Quiet Comes the Dawn movie

User Reviews (2)

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I tried getting into this because it seemed like it would be really good, but either the person translating sucked horribly or this movie just couldn't be translated correctly. And at certain points there was nothing like they just didn't even try. I had to turn it off after a few minutes of that. Maybe we'll get a better translated copy at some point and i can try again.


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This would be a great horror movie if the translation in subs were better. Some things they said made no sense at all and times there were no subs. I would love to watch it again and be able to understand it all. It had great creepy effects and it's about sleep paralysis, nightmares and demons so you know it is good.

Anyone who finds better subs please let me know.

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