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Paradise Z

Genre: Action / Horror
Released: 2020
Run time: 80 min.
Views: 1,379
R (?)

Sheltering in a luxury resort, two beautiful women try to avoid detection during a zombie apocalypse. After a devastating attack destroys their supply reserve, the pair risk death in search of a new paradise.

Director: Wych Kaosayananda
Starring: Milena GorumAlice Tantayanon
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Paradise Z - user reviews (11)

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Just another lesbian flick, masquerading as a horror flick. Nothing to see here.

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@MPA2000 Ooh lesbians!
I'm not really in the mood for horror. But finding out there are lesbians involved, I HAVE to watch it!

Thanks a bunch for your review! smiley

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@LiliLawless Me too! What a wonderful discovery! 5 stars from me!

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@MPA2000 that's the paradise smiley


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A movie with no head or tail.Hardly any conversation.
Horror movie made horrible.The two female actors spend time in an alien environment.Lesbion relationship.Could not fathom what the director tried to convey.


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So, this is the movie Two of Us, just under a different title. Nothing new, same lame storyline and script.


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So it feels like they spent more money on making the cover look sexy than they did on making a quality film. The budget for the cover was higher than the movie itself.

Some of the editing mistakes in this are on the amateur level. Also this felt more like a drama with poor acting than a horror/action flick. [SPOILER] A little too much is left unexplained when it should have been explained thoroughly.

I don't know how this is an American movie like the details say, if this had been made by a group in Eastern Asia or the Pacific that would have made more sense for the level of quality that this has.


top expert
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Not the worst zombie film in the World, but not the best either. The first half is slow, although the tension builds nicely. The dialogue is minimal and the characters don't really develop at all. The second half finally sees the appearance of zombies, and although they're not too bad, being the fast-running type of zombie rather than the slow, easily-avoided kind of undead, the two characters seem completely without any real idea of how to deal with them. They don't try to defend their isolated paradise, instead they decide to escape, but instead of doing it they run about for a bit, shoot some zombies and then sit around looking sad for a bit. Sitting around and looking sad for a bit is one of the strong points of this film, if you like the two main characters, in fact the only two characters of your movies to be the sitting around looking sad kind of characters - then this is the film for you. I didn't hate it, but I probably won't watch it again.


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I gave a half star for the lesbian scene but that's it, this film was lame, extremely slow and mediocre zombies and the action scenes were just average, I had to forward this film many times in hopes that it might get better but not, just wasted like 30 minutes with this film, and got to the end but like I said before I was forwarding so I don't recommend this film at all. smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley



I saw this a long while ago and unless my memory is going haywire, I thought it was actually pretty good if you aren't expecting a blockbuster and are just looking for an action zombie movie. I believe it was called something else too and it was released way before 2020.


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