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I somewhat like Luke goss, however i knew i should have ran when i saw dean cane's name pop up on the screen. I was so confused by the 20-21 minute mark that i felt like i had missed a chunk of the movie somehow, however i know i didn't. It was only after i fast-forward through a bit to see if anything changed or began to make sense that i decided to stick with it. I backed back up a bit but I'll admit that it wasn't quite where i initially was as it was too repetitive and i had grown way past boredom with the whole thing. If you choose to watch then you'll understand quickly what i mean. Around the hour mark things start to make sense. They really should have moved those scenes more to the beginning or at least mixed a couple in there. At the end i thought that i don't think this was worth the film or storage this was filmed to. I should have went with my first instinct and cut it off 20 minutes in. Don't make the same mistake i did. Skip this one.


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Dean Cain must be really desperate to play in a movie of utter BS, I do like Science fiction but this one is on the end of a long list of must watch, don't waste your time


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I love Scifi but this just seemed budget to me.
Most things Luke Goss appears in are Budget, I like the guy so it's nothing against him.
I don't think he really offers anything worthwhile in acting to warrant roles in films.
He is just average and that's it.
I am guessing people get him in on films hoping his name will attract an Audience.
The storyline is far fetched to say the least, and I found the Ria character annoying.
Shame because I was hoping this would be ok, it had a good rating on here when it was saved to my watch list.
But two days later when I viewed it the rating had dropped quite dramatically( it should have been a clue)

Recommend it... not really, but I know Sci Fi fans will give films a chance so why not try it.



Director Richard Colton started his film off great, but when more characters were introduced, the movie became very "amateurish".
The refreshingly unique storyline drew me in and kept me intrigued (Although it has some Ex Machina vibes imo). Jess Impiazzi as RIA performed really well and looked great in the vibrant colours. When Jack # 2 was introduced, this was when the movie felt like it was going to be one of the better B-grade films I've seen in a while.
Then as more of the other characters were introduced, and some repetitiveness of the movie became apparent, those amateur vibes grew. I'm sure mainly due to Colton's inexperience which is sad because this one had serious potential to be amazing.
Although Colton's directing and his storyline remained semi-decent, i'm going to rate it a generous 8/10 (Just because of Luke and Jess). So your a Fan of sci-fi and have nothing else to watch? you'll probably enjoy it.


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This is a really good SciFi. It starts off repetitive but gets better with some twist and unexpected turns that make up for it in the end.



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