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Little Miss Sunshine

Aka: Pequeña Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine
Malá Miss Sunshine
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama
Released: 2006
Run time: 103 min.
Views: 31,629
R (?)

Olive is a little girl with a dream: winning the Little Miss Sunshine contest. Her family wants her dream to come true, but they are so burdened with their own quirks, neuroses, and problems that they can barely make it through a day without some disaster befalling them. Olive's father Richard is a flop as a motivational speaker, and is barely on speaking terms with her mother. Olive's uncle Frank, a renowned Proust scholar, has attempted suicide following an unsuccessful romance with a male graduate student. Her brother Dwayne, a fanatical follower of Nietzsche, has taken a vow of silence, w... Read more 

Starring: Abigail BreslinBryan CranstonSteven Christopher ParkerGordon ThomsonJustin ShiltonChuck LoringJulio Oscar MechosoBrenda CanelaJill TalleyMarc TurtletaubSteve CarellToni ColletteAlan ArkinPaul DanoGreg Kinnear
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This has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen! If you love to laugh, root for the underdogs of the world and like movies that are not your usual run of the mill Hollywood action crap, then you will love this movie! And check out Dinner for smucks and Gentlemen Broncos!!! All are wacky, laugh till you cry funny!


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Very funny. The girl creases me up. In fact everyone plays their part very well. The girl (Olive) is however a sweet little gem of girl who seems so natural, so perfect. Hope she grows to do more movies. Enjoy this film and its cast. Laughing and entertainment for everyone.


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I didnt like this much found it really slow 3/5


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I loved this movie!! It is so simple and so rich in a same time!!
This 2 directors are great, especially for their 1st film.

The caracters are really rich and authentic, this family looks so reel ,funny and show a good description of the possible disparity in a family.

The last scene was awesome!!

It was a really good suprise!!


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I thought this was a really good movie. I love indi films so much. To me they are sometimes better than the million dollar films. Give this a 4/5


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i am sorry to contradict everyone but i did not like the ending the whole movie you are waiting for so many things to happen and it doesn't none of the endings that you imagine for any of the characters happen. instead the credits role out and you're thinking are you freaking kidding me? i will say the movie was great, it just got you into characters that you could really understand but it just does not deliver it's punch line.


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I absolutely love this film! its amazing the way they put it together 10/10!


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I soo love this film! It's laugh-out-loud funny, sad and wise and its characters are wonderfully drawn human beings. Abby Breslin is the star,though, she steals all of her scenes with ease!
The Hoover family together in a Volkswagen van is like nitroglycerin and nails stuffed in a barrel of strawberry ice cream!
Excellent film!


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the ending was hilarious. [SPOILER]



all you people love this film? unbelievable. haha... gotcha so do i. it's so simple, but yet so lovable. you cannot hate this film, it's fun for the whole family. 3 of 4 stars very good.


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