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I Am Lisa (2020) user reviews

I Am Lisa movie

User Reviews (3)

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Slasher werewolf B movie with lower budget than most,,, but, with that in mind, it makes a fine watch.. just enough guts and gore and creep out subject matter,,,, like S. King said: "If I can't scare people, at least I can gross them out." and this movie uses gross to further the story as well as effect..
There are several good actors and the script is entertaining enough,, the makeup is simple and works well for the plot..
and for a slasher vid, the ending was pretty good and made up for some of the goofy things that seemed unnecessary...
It's worth the view if you enjoy horror...



Not bad for a low budget B movie. The makeup and prosthetics were fairly good as well as most of the acting. It's not exactly your typical werewolf story as far as the character and the characters motivation. Usually werewolf movies are involve a save and ruthless blood thirsty killer, but this was different and i liked that about it.


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Don’t expect American Werewolf in London or even Ginger Snaps and you’ll enjoy this one more. For a low budget Indi revenge / werewolf film, it was not half bad.



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